(Feb. 17/19) “Gotta Sec, Sunshine?”

(Context: Another New Brunswick, Canada storm has passed.)

Fittingly, today’s sun is beaming like a first-place beauty contestant.

And—heretofore remote—now, dazzling by association, the snow’s become inviting…

What’s that, trees?  Oh, you’re waving to the breeze?  Thank you for your consideration—a welcome inducement for past winds to rethink their harsh approach.

And, speaking of considerate—thanks for keeping to yourself, storm clouds…we understand it’s hard to contain ourselves when we’re moving through what we’re working out.  We hope to see your snow-white beauty soon 🙂


One thought on “(Feb. 17/19) “Gotta Sec, Sunshine?”

  1. The sun is shining here as well, although the lagoon is still frozen after two weeks of polar vortex lite, there is still snow here and there, and I’m glad I’m inside for the moment sipping on chai tea!


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