(Feb.17/19)”A Sunburst Blurt”

Well hello, Sunrise!

I’d say we have to stop meeting like this–for, the wee hours of the morning aren’t typically my thing…

However, your radiant splendor mitigates my compromised pact with Mr. Sandman.

And, yes, Sunny-honey–he will retaliate…

The granular grouch will show up at inopportune times throughout the day, and I’ll likely have a hard time finding his favor tonight when most in need of his soothing charms.

But, I don’t share this to further divide you two–merely to shed light on his side of things.

You see, it’s deprivation, not maliciousness, that riles him up (a commonality upon which our bond was founded); and misperceived rejection has him fearing I’m becoming a Morning’s Person.

Alas, I have yet to convince him that, while he means a great deal to me, in all good conscience, I’m at the mercy of my conscious.

As such, his suggestion that I ingest something to entice Slumber is a shortsighted “solution” (no offence, Sleep Aids, but my co-dependence has its limits).

So, for as long as this suunymoon lasts, Dawn, let’s take advantage of puppy Wheeler’s (5:00 A.M.) inner rooster, and chalk our budding relationship up to my moppet’s zest for life.

Until tomorrow, keep beaming, my sunny friend…and, I will endeavor to do the same!. 🙂





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