(April 10/20) “Weather I’m write, or weather I’m  rung (out), I gotta be me…”

Dear Writing,

I get that you’re no Steve Perry—I can’t set you aside for months and then expect you to welcome me with “Oh-penned Arms“…

However, there are a number of taxing circumstances that account(ant) for my lack of presence.

For one thing, a flu-ke of nature’s unleashed a pandemic that necessitates social distancing…

leaving life imitating art in an (Alanis Morissett) “Ironic” way (as in—the amusement park has shut down, but the roller coaster is in full effect).

On top(sy turvy) of that, today is offering enchanting Christmas-postcard views…in April.

So, here’s hoping I can reach you from where things stand as I stride to put the dots close enough to catch you up—while I remain (6-feet) deep.

(*Oops, I spoke to soon…give me a few minutes to come back to myself…hunger’s calling, and if I don’t answer there’ll be (Hamburger) Hell(per) to pay 🙂 *)

Okay, I’m back…where was I?

Oh, right…pandemic…social distancing…

Which, in turn, has cut everyone off from much of their usual selves…

and I am no exception.

Sure, an (uninfected) home-body, I’m not experiencing cabin fever, 

or the headache of (“Surprise!”) company banging at my door…

But, the quieter quiet that’s settled over this small town is ca-cough-onous…a discordant hum that’s added a domineering drum to what was once a harmonious, laid-back existence.

And—like Harry—

I don’t “mind if I don’t make the scene: I’ve got a daytime job–I’m doing all right…”.

But, we’re not all Sultans of Swing

So, I feel for those for whom life’s dramatic turn has them wanting to CAUSE a scene…

My heart goes out to people who can’t afford not to work…and for those tied to residential partners they desperately want to part from…

And I feel for those who are expected to work when the rest of the country is told that staying home is the best way to stay (and Be) safe…

Yep, lots of paradoxical messages and dictates swirling around in a dizzying awry…I mean array of confusion, frustration, fear, irritation, mistrust, demoralization and lethargy…

So, too, the current state of my heart and mind…

and, yes…there is ample evidence of people coming together (metaphorically-speaking)…but, I don’t want to jump to positive-conclusions

I ‘m choosing to sit just where I find myself write now…

And, in honoring the process…

I don’t feel inclined to add anything else at this point…

Oh, but before I go…please forgive my opening line, dearest Writing…

Chalk my ingratitude up to the early-mentioned roller-coaster “ride (ing the rails on a crazy train”)…thank you for always here-ing me out…I love you rain or shine 🙂 ❤

Yours…(*wink*)…Let’s not end on a low-hanging-fruit pun, apple of my eye 🙂

PS: “(Whether I’m Right, Or Whether I’m Wrong) I’ve Got To Be Me” (1968) is Sammy Davis Jr’s iconic hit; “Open Arms” (1982) is Journey’s massive and enduring hit sung by the incomparable Steve Perry; and “Sultans of Swing” (1978)— Dire Straits’ awesome hit—includes the lyric…  “And Harry doesn’t mind if he doesn’t make the scene—he’s got a daytime job, he’s doing alright”; “Crazy Train (1980) is Ozzy Osborne’s hit, and lyrics include, “I’m going off the rails of a crazy train”.







6 thoughts on “(April 10/20) “Weather I’m write, or weather I’m  rung (out), I gotta be me…”

  1. How lovely to see your post pop up on my feed, it “Truly” has been awhile…I have been thinking of you and almost added another comment to a previous post to find out how you’re faring as we all traverse this new WTF landscape!
    Your words are always spot on and these have made me feel lighter…we just recently danced and sang to our Dire Straits CD before joining in on the neighbourhood 7 pm cheer for our first responders/essential workers and health care workers!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello, my beautiful friend…I love that our connection endures….and, as ever, thank you for your eloquent encouragement and appreciation. I went to your site and returned the favor (minus the eloquence) 🙂 ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You are not alone – I have noticed how little I feel like writing. Tough time and sending hugs and healing to you, Truly!


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