(Nov 11/19) “When The Shift Hits the Fan (of Spiritual Growth)”

(Context: Shortly after lamenting lingering irritability, depletion, and weariness, I came across this quote in my Facebook feed.

“When you’re feeling pretty evolved and the universe decides to cram a year’s-worth of lessons into one week”

I laughed (*perhaps a bit hysterically*?) with relief–for, I saw this as as a sign that God/the universe was still loving/working in my best interest–and appealing to my funny bone.

The second important thing I’ll share is this…

I wrote the first snippet (soup Nazi reference) on July 20/19 when writing my previous post…but, it didn’t fit with the unfolding theme…so, I saved it for later….much later, it turns out…and I wrote today’s post over a series of weeks (a little at a time until the vast majority of it came to me yesterday).

Having slept on it, and completed the finishing touches, I am posting it today–Remembrance Day–with the preface that, I do not intend to make light of the ravages of war and the unimaginable sacrifice made by countless/nameless souls…

Rather, please accept this post as my way of using the privilege…the freedom we’ve been blessed with…to put creative good into the world ❤ )

Hi there, Wonderfuls…

I’m certainly no spiritual guru—nor, The Boss of enlightenment…

But I humbly submit that growth isn’t all “Glory Daze(y, Daisy, Give Me Your Answer Do”) and “Bjorn in the U.S.Hey” (I’m in love with this new worrrruld).

And, currant-ly, it’s all I can do not to shoot spiritual growth a withered look…

For, absent the Racin’-in-the-Sun acceleration of summer days,

my evolvement has taken on the flavor of a (Bitter) Sweet(ish) meet-bawl

You know—the one that rolls right off the table and onto the floor!!!

Need I say more?


So, of course I will…

My current struggle stems from a cold war-ing truth that sometimes looks like:

“Brrr(lin)!  How the Hell-sinky did I wind up here?!  Can someone “Take My Breadth (and Scope) Away” because this bigger-picture view is leaving a bad taste in my mouth!!!”

And, let me tell you, Comrrrades,

Little Rascals” that they are,

sometimes thought balloons—

AKA, (Lorna) “…Luft Ballons—

go by”, and “somewhere over the rainbow” otherwise known as my head…

“Wait, what’s that universe?”

“I’m quite sure I heard you whisper something like”,

“(En)Lighten-up, Trules…

All you need is a Swift shake-it-off—

Or, to use the preferred vernacular of your old-school pun-tificating—

Kindly give your head an Etch-A-Sketch reset.”

(*“Take a deep breath, and use your poker-face”—I urge myself—“We don’t want to appear disrespectful.”*)

“Okay, since we’re using endearing nicknames to soften the hard edges of points-well-made, Eunice-verse…”

“I see your point, and raise this objection…”

“Sure, today’s take might be a bit of a whine-ding stre-e-e-e-etch—”

“But, let’s consider that my wordplay reflects a level of obscurity akin to your elusive “Hi(gh) signs”….

Or should I say, the needlingHay/Hey” signs you’ve saddled me with, Part-ner?”

“Truth is…”

“I feel abandoned of late…

Left in the (“Feel free to) lurch (at your leisure until you find the gifts in the poop pile.  You’re welcome 😊”)!!!”

“So, please believe I’m not trying to be Dud-Durslian when I ask why this unfolding path presents such a challenge…”

“Why it is that spiritual pursuits include increasingly-steep yearning curves rife with impatience and frustration?”

“I’m simply Lamentation-ing that I sometimes wonder if this on-the-Job training is for the birds…rather than every Mutt and Jeff not up for a dog-eat-dog existence…”

“And, yes, I appreciate the guides you continue to send my way…”

“But I sometimes wonder how much help “swimming instructors” are when one feels like they just might be at RISK of drowning…”

“How’s about mindful life-guards—rather than “Guard your minddeliverers and deliveries?

Chapter (This )Two (Shall Pass):

And, Lovelies, all,

Here’s the fleeting saucy snippet (written in late July) that inspired today’s marathon of Russian’ thoughts and (s)miles-long metaphors:

What’s with Tim Horton’s marshaling customers through the drive-thru with Rush-ya’ attitudes reminiscent of the soup Nazi from “Seinfeld” ”?!

(*Here I pause for a pas-sieve-aggressive digression*)

“Make no mistake, Timions.  I feel the heat of your radiating-impatience—for it’s as apparent as the steam from a hot cuppa Joe…

But, I’m seeking momentary refuge from the tyranny-of-the-urgent—

Thus, allowing myself a (*sarcastic gasp—and, “God forbid”*) moment to put my bank-card back in my wallet before getting out of line.

And, speaking of getting out of line…

Quit putting “protective” cardboard sleeves on tepid cups of Earl Grey tea and expecting me to believe they’re hot stuff

That lukewarm gesture is Swiss (and a) Miss!

Granted, Tim(bers), I could fall all over myself to meet you halfway by ordering a never-fail hot chocolate—

but I sometimes tire of paying the price for compromise.

After all…

doesn’t that defeat the purpose of a,




“Why is my laptop cursor bouncing and flouncing with a lack of rhyme and reason akin to a “Price Is Right” Plinko Chip?”

(*“Hey”, says me to my critical/thinking self—“I heard that!”*)

“I disagree that our train of thought just took a hard left (anyone trying to follow us behind)”.

“We sometimes forget that my Seinfeldian observations are not as random as lapsing imagination and patience presume…”

“We can forget that—

If (If) we (you) hang (hang) in (in)

all (all) will (will) become (become) clear (clear)” 😊* )

(*Given the simultaneous articulation of this thought, the grip of gripe loosens as I realize that the universe and I are speaking the same language!*)

So, rather than (“Free) Falling” down the rabbit hole of (Tom) Petty-impatience, I remind my self that growth says,

“Let the dips fall where they may” 😊

And, I reflect that all it takes is one small context-change to make sense of the nonsensical*).

Ah-ha!!!  So, Truly, what you’re saying is:

Although the parallels inherent in reflections one and two are obvious…

one small (back) shift can tie them together with a third (seemingly-random event)…

In which case,

My Plinko observation becomes… “Why is my cursor bouncing….with the a lack of reason akin to a Pinko chip?

(Pinko is a pejorative coined in 1925 in the United States to describe a person regarded as being sympathetic to communism, though not necessarily a Communist Party member. It has since come to be used to describe anyone perceived to have leftist or socialist sympathies.)

Thanks for the definition, Google 😊

Until next time, Treasures…

I’m sending you—and those who mean anything to you—love, light and oodles of affection. 😊


P.S. Here’s context for the wordplay you might find obscure (until you get it…then, you’ll laugh and laugh…haha, just kidding) 😊:

The Boss” is Bruce Springsteen’s nickname, Glory Daisy, Daisy give me your answer do“…Glory Days” is Bruce Springsteen’s (1985) hit, and “Daisy Bell/Bicycle Built for Two” (“Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do—I’m half crazy over the love of you”) is Harry Dacre’s (1892 hit; “Bjorn In The US Hey!…Born in the USA is Bruce Springsteen’s (1984) hit, and Bjorn (kinda’ pronounced Beh-yorn) is a popular Swedish name; currantly racin’ in the sun acceleration…currants are similar to raisins and “Raisin In the Sun” is a Broadway hit that debuted in 1959; (bitter) sweetish meet/bawl is my Swedish Meatball pun…which I tied to “On Top Of Spaghetti (…it rolled of the table, and onto the floor”) camp song; Brrr(lin) and how-in-the-Hellsinky are geography/war puns, and “Take My Breadth (and Scope) Away” are tied to the Berlin pun—which incorporates the breadth and scope pun (Scope is a mouthwash brand)…“Take My Breath Away” is the (1986) hit by American band, Berlin (you might remember it from the 1986 hit/movie, “Top Gun”); Hi(gh) and “Little Rascals” (1955 show otherwise known as “Our Gang”) pun are tied together by “Our Gang’s characters greeting each other (*hand under chin while wiggling their fingers*) with a Hi sign….which ties to my needle in a hey/hay sign from the universe…a sign buried like a needle in a haystack; (Lorna) Luft balloons go over the rainbow…Lorna Luft is Judy Garland’s daughter, Judy sang “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” in the movie, “The Wizard of Oz”…and “99 Luftballons is German band, Nena’s, (1983) hit; “Shake it Off” is Taylor Swift’s (2014) hit and Etch-A-Sketch is an old school toy intro’d in 1960, and still going strong; Dud-Durslian is my Dudley Dursley/”Harrry Potter” pun….greedy/outraged Dudley had a fit because— “36 (presents)…but, last year, last year I had 37!!!”; Lamentationing and on-the-Job-trainingare my biblical puns (Lamentations and The Book of Job are books of the bible and Job suffered all kinds of calamities, but endured and thrived in the end (lost battles but won the war); RISK is a popular war boardgame; Swiss and a Miss…Swiss Miss  is a brand of hot chocolate…allowing for my Switzerland/neutral—win-win truce pun; Tom Petty impatience…Tom Petty has (1989) hit “Free Falling”, Ace of Base is a Swedish band 😊

P.S. As ever—thanks for the dates, Wikipedia 😊



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