(December 25/21) “It’s Always Darkest Before It Dawns On Me”

(Context: Hello, Wonderfuls!!!! It’s been forever, but I’m thinking of you…and popping by with something brief….I can’t wait to reconnect and hear what you’re up to…or, not up to <3)

‘ Twas the night before Christmas when all through my head,

Calamity was dancing with Worry and Dread

And Cringe in her Glory, and Nerves in a flap

Had just settled in for a long Winter’s yap

Hey, Stressor, and Anguish, hey Conflict and Bill,

Wake Listless and  Rogue Thoughts,  and I’ve-Had-My-Fill…

(*As it suddenly dawns on me that morning—having spent her days delighting in treats of the Season of late—is sporting slimming black, I stifle a grudging groan*)

“Come on, Truly! I know that’s you…don’t try to blame this tomfoolery on last-night’s meal…you aren’t dreaming…this is you, up at 6:30 Christmas morning pulling one of your— ‘Oh, look at me: I’m ever so clever!!!’—stunts…”

(*With all the nerve of a tooth ache, I can’t help reveal a sliver of a smug smirk*)

“I know, I know we told ourselves we’d wake up with the sun; but old habits die hard…overthinking is at it’s best when it’s darkest (before the dawn)…and, now that we’ve started to write again, you can’t pretend we don’t love making fun of the—“(I’m) coping (the best way I know how) skills that we’ve learned to manage 😊

(*Biting back a snarky retort, I realize I’m right…optimism shall not be denied its due…after all, it’s spent a lifetime never giving up on me, and I made a long-ago-promise to return the privilege…So, for what it’s worth, I hope to make you smile, my friends.  If you are enjoying Christmas day, consider my offering a dollop of icing on your frosted cake…And if you are hurting, my heart hurts for you…and, maybe it will bring some small measure of hope to know that I am proof that pain isn’t permanent.  You deserve peace and blessings…your turn is coming.  I love you all….(choose whichever fits) Merry Christmas! 😊…or, “I know it must feel like the weight of the pain is heaviest on holidays—which I’m sure is true.  Perhaps reminding yourself that today has 24 hours—just like every other day—will give you the solace of knowing you can do this, just like you’ve gotten through every day before.  You are among the survivors who will use your courage to make a huge difference in the world…because, it truly is darkest before the dawn, and one day you will discover that you are the light ❤ *)





2 thoughts on “(December 25/21) “It’s Always Darkest Before It Dawns On Me”

  1. Love your amazing prose, Truly. You have such a gift! I’ve missed you and am glad to have this opportunity to wish you a fabulous holiday season. Much love and all the best to you in the coming year!

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    1. Hi, beautiful Judy!!! Thank you…life is good….and I’m very busy (I’m sure you can relate); but I’m sooooo gratified to write a littlr something spontaneously….thank you for connecting:I’ve missed you too. I’m sending love and best wishes 🙂 ❤

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