(May 13/18) “Who Says the Early Bird Gets the Warm?”

Context: Happy days are hear again; but it can take a long time for everything to change in an instant…

This rude awakening came courtesy (nowhere to be found) of today’s 6:30 a.m. wake-up call when I snuck out of bed for a Tim Horton’s run.

(*Craving Earl Grey tea and a treat, I didn’t have the (empty) stomach/drive to lug Frosty and Jubilee downstairs, chase them around the yard, and pile them into the car*)

Surreptitiously opening my front door, I spied a mist-ifying scene steal(away)er

“Well, well, well, Mother Nature”, I announced smugly, “It would seem you haven’t turned over a new leaf after all!”

“Do I detect(ive) a nosey Parker (Stevenson)?”, she retorted, breezily—”What business do you have being out and about this early?” 

Called out on my laziness, I stumbled on momentary guilt before I rallied and re-focused on the accusation at hand.

W-well, what’s with the foggy haze and frost on my windows?  What’s with permitting spring a brief bow to shake off the snow before allowing this week’s summer-like heat to take center stage…only to be overshadowed by winter’s whispering poltergeist?”

Mother Nature simply let her sun come to her defence; and, suddenly ashamed of my ingratitude, I smiled ruefully as I scraped the light layer of slush(y) crystals off my windshield…

And, 20 minutes later—

having purchased two extra large teas, a pecan butter tart (they forgot my second one)…

four hash browns…

a large chili…

and dinner roll—

(*My ambition doesn’t include going to the grocery store today*) )

here’s where you find me…

(Be warned that my good filter’s in the shop, so I had to use a—hole-ier-than “Wow, I should keep this to my self”—sieve to gauge the advisability of letting it all hang out today).

Well, hello, Confi-dauntless listeners,

I’ve missed you, and there’s no time like the present(ly getting down to the business of reconnecting)…

Let’s start with a shout-out for abstract thinking—otherwise known as a ‘metaphori-call’.

Have you ever found yourself eating…?

Okay…time out—no one’s ever found themselves by eating…

(*And, relentless explorer that I am, I should know 🙂 *)

‘Point is—

Have you ever gotten carried away—hyper-anticipating dessert as you wolf down a meal befitting a (pack) mule?

Or, upon waking, daydreaming about the moment when,

workday over and a big bowl of salt ’n’ vinegar chips in hand,

you’ll crawl back into your cozy (end-of-day) bed; and…

having outwitted a series of day trippers,

bid a Wiley, “Hello, mini-vaca” to your problems?

If so, you might understand my guestronomical appreciation for roominnating (service) this lovely Sunday morning…

Here I sit, lost in an anticipatory mental countdown to two glorious weeks of vacation time in July.

What might I do with that precious, once a year, reprieve(-ious work-a-day woes behind me)?

Why, lots of eating and sleeping of course! 🙂

And, in the between, I’ll be lounging on my new chester-feel(d)-the-relief.

Yep, after sitting on the fence for a couple months, I’ve finally ordered a new c-ouch (my aching back, side…and wallet!) from which to enjoy the delight of Wile(y)ing away sunny hours reading, writing, singing/listening to music, drinking in nature’s beauty, watching (among others) black and white movies, and dreaming big dreams.

You see, it’s been 15 years since I bought my last “sofa (so good”), but in recent months, spir-sits sagging, my couch has given up the “Ghost”—as in…

it no longer (Whoopi) cushions the blow as I watch melodramatic tear-jerkers starring the likes of Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore.

Speaking of fellow-drama (for those of us with a flare for occasional history-onics), here’s a moment from a time gone by…

The other day I smiled hard inside and (a)mused, “Oops, I did it a-pen”, as I jotted down a revisionist twist on “Notting Hill”—

(the 1999 Julia Roberts/Hugh Grant movie).

My version had the romantic male lead (speaking in the voice of Sean Connery) pronouncing, “I’m just a Norse god…standing in front of a girl…Vy(k)ing for her affections”.

(*This instead of the actual line, “I’m just a girl standing in front of a boy asking him to love her.”—a cheap declaration that failed to draw me in.*)

In all fairness, my Plot(tinghill) snobbiness is a little rich (people’s problems give me eye rolls) given that I can be super dramatic in my own write, but…

Let’s flip the script and consider another dramatic mov(ie) starring yours, Truly…

Having succumbed to temptation, a-lure, has drawn me back to the drive-in (and out with a bag of deep-fried deliciousness).

Yep, after months side-stepping fast food, I’ve back-slid on the greasy slope of A&W bacon cheeseburgers and crispy fries…and, I can’t pretend I didn’t see it coming 🙂

(Motion) Picture the following:

Me, this past Friday right (as drain) after work,

premeditatively sitting in the drive-thru,

radio singing—

and an inscrutable poker-bluff plastered all over my face,

I silent (screen)ly guffawed as Boyz II Men wailed,

“Although we’ve come

To the end of the road

Still I can’t let go

It’s unnatural

You belong to me

I belong to you…” (“End of the Road”, 1992)

Lyrical melodrama at it’s finest,

I imagined a love interest so bereft that he couldn’t see I’d changed my mind and was giving love (of charbroiled delights) another chance.

However, since falling in love with Pita Pit (of bottom-less energy, and effortless weight loss), things between fast food and I will never be the same…

Yep, Delectables,

eating Fast (and Furious) food is a moodiness-inducing f-eat no longer worthy of loyal indulgence…

And this sudden (but not) turn of events has relegated my relationship with greasy spoon offerings to nothing more than (fish and) ships that,

occasionally holed (the pickles, hold the lettuce) up in the same port,

find comfort in sporadic storms.

Anyway, having having come though a maelstrom of growth spurts these past couple months, today is another day for celebration–

For, suddenly (but, not), I feel like my old new self, and the bright blue sky is calling my name.

But, Sun-days can’t last forever…

So, as much as I enjoy your wonderful company, here ends my random (six-degrees-of-sub-par-ation) fast food blurt.

As ever, thank you for spending precious time with me, Wonderfuls…you’ve made a great day fantastic; and I wish you every possible joy that can be squeezed into (keepin’it) real-time.

God bless you and your loves 🙂



P.S. My title (…gets the warm) is my play on the expression, “The early bird gets the worm” (reward); detect(ive)/nosey Parker (Stevenson) is my play on the “Hardy Boys” book/tv series given that I referenced “Nancy Drew, Girl Detective” in my last post; day trippers (as in, the week-day obstacles that get in the way of smooth sailing)  is my word play on day trippers (literally refers to those who embark on same-day trip), and, my “smooth sailing” explanation becomes a pun in that Wiley is my play on the (Bill Murray, 1991) movie, “What About Bob”, where Bob Wiley takes a vacation from his problems (one of my favorite comedies, I reference it in previous posts); winter’s whispering poltergeist is a set up for the delayed nod to spir-sits sagging/(1999 movie) “Ghost” starring Whoopi Goldberg; …(fish and) chips hold (the pickles…) up… is my “ships passing in the night”/”any port in a storm” pun—and, holed up (an expression meaning to take refuge)…triggering my childhood remembrance of , “Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce, special orders don’t upset us…”—an early Burger King jingle; six degrees of sub-par-ation is my “six degrees of separation” wordplay…refers to connections between seemingly-random/unrelated things.

P.P.S. One tea and tart is for today’s breakfast, the other for tomorrow…the chili and hash-browns are for supper…I rarely have a big appetite upon waking, but when temptation to comfort-eat hits, it tends to be at the end of particularly strenuous work-weeks.


4 thoughts on “(May 13/18) “Who Says the Early Bird Gets the Warm?”

  1. Wow… honestly this brought a smile to face! Fantastically fun post to read (read it twice to savor all the words).

    One complaint… I ate this before breakfast and now I am very hungry… and not just for breakfast food. (By the way… I always eat dessert first that way I can enjoy the rest. You explained that thought well… craving anticipation is gone and now I can just slow down enjoy all of it)

    Liked by 3 people

  2. I’ve been away a wee bit and wanted to treat myself to the posts I’ve missed and wow, you are on fire, girl…I really enjoyed reading this fun/food loving post and guess what, we’re getting a new sofa this week after almost 15 years with the old one, too! French fries are a food group for me as well as salty potato chips and I love the veggie burgers at A&W (don’t get me started on their lovely breakfast sandwiches!)…and yes, I’m hungry now, I wonder why?!

    Liked by 1 person

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