(July 31/17) How Was My First Day Back After 2-Weeks Staycation? Depends Who You Ask!” haha

Hi, Wonderfuls πŸ™‚

Great first day back to work after 2 weeks off…but, not for every member of my household!Β 

I know animals are very sensitive, and one of my dogs (Jubilee) is evidence of that…she has an uncanny sixth sense.

Last night–sensing something was about to change–she anxiously spent hours and hours clicking back and forth (across hardwood floors) throughout the night…

And, I literally mean ALL night!!!

Instead of sleeping on my bed as usual, she kept jumping down and tap, tap, tapping all around the upstairs (nails clicking incessantly…and driving me nuts!!!).

After retrieving her multiple times, I couldn’t take it any more, and took her downstairs–determined to have her sleep in the living room.

Then,Β I barricaded the stairs without any real worry she’d navigate them—she fell down them once, and I’ve had to carry her up ever since.

Well, approximately 30 minutes later, I wake to click, click, clicking…

Against the odds, she was back.

I put her up on the bed and down she jumped…and, she clicked until I don’t know when…

but, when I woke to the alarm, she was asleep in my closet.

Fast forward to 4:30pm…

I get home from work, and Jubilee is nowhere to be seen…

I called and called, and just when panic was about to set in–I heard her whining…panic kicked it up a notch!

I went upstairs, then thought the whining was coming from the box at the bottom of the stairs…

but, having raced down them, I realized the sound was was coming from upstairs.

There was Jubilee–in the bathtub.


13 years old, she’s never jumped in before.

What possessed her?

I don’t know how long she was trapped in there (she’s too tiny to jump out) but she sure was thirsty!!!

I ‘m soooo grateful she’s okay!

Meanwhile, (12 year-old “puppy”, Frosty) made me comfort him, as if he’d been the one trapped…

What a (chubby) baby…

Having been left alone downstairs, while Jubie was stuck in a porcelain prison, was just too much for him to bear (he’s such a love, but not all that empathetic/protective).

It’s always all about him.Β 

Jubilee, bless her heart, is acting as though the whole thing never happened.

Guess who’s going to bed early tonight?

Anyway, I hope you had a great day, Dazzlers…if not, maybe you can chalk it up to a stuck-in-the-bathtub kinda’ day… and remind yourself that a better one is on it’s way. πŸ™‚

God Bless You And Your Loves,




18 thoughts on “(July 31/17) How Was My First Day Back After 2-Weeks Staycation? Depends Who You Ask!” haha

  1. What a vivid post! I can still hear Jubilee’s clicking nails and as usual your words have left me smiling and secure in the knowledge that there will be a brand new day to come (I just came home from 3 hours at the hospital comforting an 81 year old Dad ( like Jubilee!) who took himself to the hospital because of my short trip out east, yikes!). You gotta love them, no matter what!

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    1. Oh. my goodness…love always finds a way to ensure that, regardless of family composition, we’re needed (inconvenient at times, but worth it). I’m relieved that your dad’s okay…he’s lucky to have you for a daughter, and I imagine you feel the same about him…thanks for connecting, my friend…you’ve made me smile πŸ™‚

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    1. Thanks for your well-wishes…Jubilee and Frosty both slept soundly last night–which means I could, too. And, today, they seem to have settled back into their usual routine…both were lounging in the living room when I got home πŸ™‚

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  2. Ah, those furry family-members…they bring joy, but can be tiring sometimes too, I know all about it πŸ˜‰ Hope it was just that one night and everything is back to ‘normal’ again.
    Big hug, XxX

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  3. Ah! My ears hurt just thinking about the nail clicking! Our cat has a tendency stand against walls/doors and paw at it continuously…usually during the night

    Oh your poor puppy! Reminds me of the time our dog locked himself in the closet while everyone was gone for the day. He usually greets us at the door with his tail wagging, bouncing on his backs legs. But he didn’t this time and everyone got nervous. Upstairs, and downstairs, we looked in all the rooms but we couldn’t find him. Then my wife found him curled up in the very back of our closet waiting for us to rescue him.


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