(Dec 11/16) Not A Regular Post…Just A Quick Thought…

Hi, Wonderfuls….

A really sweet (and gifted) writer shared that she had to take her time before commenting on my posts because she wanted to do them justice–and return the favour for the meaningful comments I leave on her posts. Β While touched and honored by her thoughtfulness, it also left me thinking about the pressure (actual or imagined) to say the right thing/comment…

I get it…

Sometimes when I’m exhausted, I’d love to just read something and click “like”….no comment to follow…and, it’s not because I am less blown-away by what I read, it’s just that time, and/or energy, and/or focus eludes me at times….especially if I am feeling distracted by other things (eg. work, working on myself etc.)

So, if–on occasion–I happen to read something of yours, without commenting, just know that I am still so privileged and in awe of your talents and willingness to share…and, just know that the “like” is my way of saying, thanks for sharing and brightening (and, often, lightening) my day…

And, chances are, I will read more than one of your posts at a time, knowing that a “like” will suffice/not be regarded as “a demotion”–it is still a genuine, heartfelt show of Β support and appreciation.

And, comments will still happen…my effusiveness will see to that. πŸ™‚ Β I love giving comments… πŸ™‚

And, I invite you to do the same….please don’t ever let the pressure of giving the ideal comment stop you from letting me know if you’ve read one of my posts and enjoyed it in some way…”likes” are certainly enough….comments are icing πŸ™‚

God Bless You and your loves…



P.S. Β I posted my most recent post a couple days ago, and will post again next Saturday at the latest (it’s already halfway written given a burst of inspiration yesterday….).


24 thoughts on “(Dec 11/16) Not A Regular Post…Just A Quick Thought…

  1. I am certain your following is fantastic enough to realise the life/blog balance Truly. In truth I’d love to comment on every blog I follow, but practicality says it’s just not realistic. It would leave me feeling terribly guilty at not achieving the things I’d have to sacrifice in order to do it. That does not take away the knowledge that anybody who crafts a post is not doing it lightly and take time and energy to construct it. While comments are the inspiration to a blogger that what they do is not pointless, likes can also be the acknowledgement that interest has been shown.

    It’s a balance in mindfulness that everybody must take onboard.

    Incidentally, I usually set one day aside for blog catch ups. But even then I can’t get to everyone I want to. I’m behind and I know it, that makes me sad, but if I dropped everything then not only would I still not be able to read everything, the chances are I’d not do those I did justice and feel annoyed with myself for not doing life things.

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    1. Thanks for sharing your perspective and wisdom…I see it kinda like when you first meet someone (whether in a romantic or friendship context) and you make the effort to always put your best foot forward…setting the foundation for a view of your best self…and, there comes a point where you need to let them see you in less-than-flattering outfits, moods, situations etc….it’s all part of getting to know each other better…this post was my way of saying, I’m ready to take things to the next level…I don’t want to limit contact because I am not on my A-game (so to speak)….I want to be able to show up in an oversized tee shirt, cardigan, leggings, and fuzzy socks (me and my affinity for soft textures and baggy/no-doubt-about-it-I’m-in-relaxation-no-pressure-expectation at-home outfits). So, I guess what I’m doing is seeking balance and finding a way to stay connected without giving the impression that I am taking anyone for granted….noone I’ve connected with is replaceable, and for however long the connection lasts, I will value and honor it….I just don’t ever want to alienate anyway due to misunderstanding… πŸ™‚


      1. Well, with me just be you as you are or feel. Never think you can only drop in on that A game. I tend to have that take me or leave me capacity…some days it’s up there and some days it’s not…doesn’t mean I like anyone less and, if anything, I believe it actually means “hey, I’m comfortable enough in the friendship to not feel obligated to be in the proverbial suit all the time.” You can turn up any old how as far as I’m concerned 😊

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      2. Ha, see…empathy in action…I think we have a very similar wavelength Truly. And yes that means if you are fed up feel free to send me a message of ranting. No obligation, just there if you need to vent….writing can cause many a frustration at times including juggling it with day to day life πŸ˜‡

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      3. Thanks for the offer…and, I agree that we are connected by virtue of similar temperament and ways of looking at/moving through the world. I am grateful for your friendship and that you have mine πŸ™‚

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      4. It’s just that, an offer to a friend. No offence taken if you choose not to as that’s OK too 😊 I think you are right too. Similar temperaments do have synergy…to think if I hadn’t popped over to your blog and considered it Alice nonsense quality (which to me is a huge accolade to your style) we’d never have met….how strange and weird is that? Serendipity in action.

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      5. Looks that way to me too 😊 It’s very quirky how the Internet has enabled people to meet up and discover new friends all over. Starting blogging last January was possibly the best decision I’ve made all year !


  2. I don’t really comment much but this post of yours tells me it would make the whole post better for them πŸ™‚


    1. It’s just my opinion, but I think that comments can be important when you first connect with someone’s blog…just so you can kind of say “hi” and to acknowledge the person by sharing something about what you like about their post….after that, I think “likes” (only) are completely fine. And, again, that’s just me….thanks for commenting…it’s told me a little something more about you…but, please don’t feel obligated….reading your posts will give me a great sense of who you are…I already know you are brave, and sensitive and positive and loyal and have a big heart πŸ™‚


      1. Hmm…that’s really cool…I love it whn someone comments on my posts…makes my day. Pf course likes are equally gr8 to me.

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  3. Comments and engagement do make a big deal, esp when someone is new- its like meeting someone and having small talk rather than just hi and moving on…nothing ever becomes of those conversations.

    i’m grateful for your thoughtful comments when i was just starting out, truly. πŸ™‚

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  4. I feel a ‘like’ click is like marking ones attendance and a comment is a way to convey ones thoughts and opinions. Somedays, there isnt enough time to do justice (or perhaps the post isn’t that great to inspire a comment and many don’t feel comfortable giving [or receiving] constructive criticism). But I do feel meaningful comments are essential for a writer to grow and learn, provided of course it doesnt come across as downright rude or aggressive. But what really irritates me is when someone follows without reading, liking or commenting on any post – it’s just a way of saying ‘come follow me too’! There’s no engagement at all – just a number; doesnt make sense to me at all.

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  5. I completely agree with this post because I usually after doing a post won’t come onto wordpress for around a week as I become back tracked with school work but when I do come back to the blogs I read a lot of them together and will probably comment on only one or two of the posts just because I rather give a good comment or not give one at all. So I completely understand your point.


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