(Dec. 9/16) “Time Is On Your Stride…”…(Not a Rolling Stones pun… :) )

Context #1: Last Sunday evening, while reminding myself to be mindful of being in the moment (rather than doing the ritualistic countdown of hours left before I’d wake to Monday morning), I glanced out my bedroom window and saw an intriguing sight.

It appeared that the man on the moon was lying on his back, staring up at…

And, in that moment of wonder, my creativity found some (deep) breathing room and relaxation…which engendered the singular inspirations that showed up at unexpected times throughout the week…and they grew and grew until my context doubled.

Context #2: Employment Opportunity: “Adulting”.

I’m  someone who’d prefer to: learn; study; practice…practice…practice; study; practice…

then apply to…

wait, one more practice…

now, carefully apply to real world situations.

I dread on-the-job (throw-’em-in-the-deep-end/sink-or-swim) training opportunities.

(*Opportunities…really?  A sarcastic euphemism for–“This should be a sadistically entertaining weeding-out process”–if ever there was one!* )

However, I’ve come to realize that a vital part of my growth-process/connectivity necessitates that self-consciousness not be avoided…which leaves me to openly-grapple with with the acceptance that–with each small step closer to becoming a grand-scale Joy & Encouragement Distribution Franchisee–there is no way around the narrow, dark mind-shafts that would have me lost if not for my determination to pick (axe) my battles and carve out silver-lined glimmers of hope.

As such, I can be put out by being put on the spot…

or I can look on the bright side, given knowledge that my hard work will stave off the regret, steeped in re-fret, if missed opportunities were ever to become silver-pinings–rather than silver linings.

So, here goes…something…

Good afternoon, Berserk-ish Delights!  I’m over the moon, now that you’re here–and, hear… 

And here’s a third Point(er), sisters and brothers… 🙂

This is where today’s (belated) offering started a week ago…

“On top of spaghetti,

all cheesy and camp…

I lost all my clever,

when my spirits were damp…”

And, having hit that dead end, it took until now for me to piece together last week’s delayed snippets of inspirational false starts.

Here’s what came next…

Hello, Wonderfuls…I’m so happy to see you that I have to greet you twice…

Here’s what’s on my mined today…not necessarily 24 carat pearls of wisdom, but genuine all the same 🙂

On great–and, grate (on my nerves)–days, it strikes me that “we’re never gonna sur-thrive unless we are a little crazy” “…for feelin’ so blue”…

So, never let it be said that my “…lips are Seal-ed”, for

here comes another chapter and verse of,

“Truly, Let Your Speak Flag Fly!” 🙂

Having–on several weekly occasions–dissed/regarded time with suspicion, I feel obliged to defend those hours by turning the clock’s back to affront.

For, long before I became convinced that time was deliberately racing through the weekend

(thereby positioning me to return to a work week that,

with breath-taking speed,

moved at a snail’s-pace)

I believed in the eventuality of happily-ever-afters…

Those every day heroes that would free me from the indentured servitude of time management’s sigh-ren song…

(*The song is as follows*)

Oh, me oh my

it’s due or die

so many priorities

and none of them shy…

“Pick me–I’m most vital,

choose me”, they all say,

“And when workday is over,

we need you to stay!”

And, stuck in a stubborn rut of analysis paralysis–

with no apparent room for turnabout-is-fair-play

I dug my heels in until I finally glommed on to a sparkle of hope…

and decided that my best defence was (and is) to fight dirtydancing my super trooper troubles up, up, and away.

“Self”, I told me, myself, and I…

“If ‘…time is a thief when you’re undecided’, “don’t get mad….get thievin’ “….

“Why don’t we “steal away'”, reclaim our joy, and–instead of  returning to the scene of the crime-ee a (raging) river

float away on a stream of serenities?

“And how, pray/tell do we do that, Ms. Smarty Party Pants?”,  me queried…

“‘Glad you asked, Doubting-Thomas-Dolby“, said myself

“…having discovered that it’s not (blinding) rocket science, I’m wired for sound, and eager to tell you,” said I:)

“Doesn’t it stand to breezin’ that,

if Axel rose to the occasion–when welcomed to the ( work-a-day) jungle–

we, too, can consider that time provides a (Beverly Hills) wealth of opportunities to cop an (optimistic) attitude?”

“And, chances to


Hammer (out) Time for,

Don’t-Mind-Your-Work, breaks?”

Think about it….

15 glorious minutes of doing anything as happy as “doin’ the Neutron Dance“; and/or jumping on a C&C Muse/(get your) Kicks Factory bandwagon that’s draped with the invitational banner–“Everybody Chance Now!” ”

And, seen in the ensuing light of (Mon)day, we’d also do well to remember that time really is on our side…it’s isn’t out to get us, to “…put us down, to push us around”...time will not run out on us when the going gets buff and tries to muscle us into a corner…

The waning weekend hours seek only to assure us that we aren’t charged to do time….we’re to take things at our own pace…to do the best we can…with what we have in the here-and-now.

So, rather than  wasting precious rejuvinative hours on dread,

we’ll focus on imagined celebrations that include–among other blessings–musical treats such as…

Double helpings of Smashing Pumpkin(s) pie,

a good (record) deal of of Candi…

(*while boogying down to their  (1988) hit”Dancing Under a Latin Moon”*)

With room left over for, “Here’s some sugar pie, Honey Bunch“…

And, why stop there?

There are no calories or belly achin’ in daydreams…

So, we’ll wash it all down with a complimentary mug of Hot Chocolate,

as a chorus of soulful singers admire us in our flannel pajamas and favorite threadbare housecoat…

And, before we can say, “What time is it now?”, they’ll have us trippin’ the light fantastic like no one’s watching,

as they serenade us with a rousing rendition of, “I believe in (Smokey Robinson and the) Miracles since you came along, you Sexy(fuzzy-slippered) Thing” 🙂

Whew…while this has been brain-busting fun, I’m going to have to end here…

for, like time well spent, so am I.

But, thanks for being here, Terrifics…please don’t ever forget how appreciated you are… 🙂

God Bless You, and your loves…always  🙂

P.S. Context for most of my word play:

“(Young hearts be free tonight), time is on your side, don’t let them put you down, don’t let them push you around, don’t let them ever change your point of view…” is the chorus of Rod Stewart’s, 1981/hit, “Young Turks” ; “Afternoon Delight” is Starland Vocal Band’s, 1976 hit…(I re-directed the song’s (by old-school-standards) sexually-suggestive context to reflect g-rated appeal of chocolate…funny enough, I never liked the song or Turkish Delight chocolate bars–they simply popped into my head); “On Top Of Spaghetti, all covered in cheese, I lost my poor meatball, when somebody sneezed…” is a children’s song that I first learned at day camp–and “camp” is also an expression that means over-the-top/cheesy; The Pointer Sisters —a singing group–are tied to a string of puns further down; We’re never gonna survive unless we are a little crazy…” are British singer, Seal’s, 1991, “Crazy” lyrics; “Crazy for feelin’ so blue…”  are Willie Nelson’s (1961) hit song–“Crazy”–lyrics made famous by  Patsy Cline); “Our Lips Are Sealed is a (1981) hit by the Go-Go’s (a fav of mine back in the day); “Let Your Freak Flag Fly” (can be interpreted as ‘letting it all hang out/no holding back’; fair-play and fighting Dirty (Dancing) is a play on expression (fighting dirty–unfairly) and 1987 movie (Dirty Dancing); Super Trouper is a (1980) hit by super group, ABBA, and super trooper is a play on police officer (Beverly Hills Cop tie in), a play on someone who ‘hangs in there’ (as in, You are such a trooper!)–and so is “up up and away” (Superman’s calling); “Time is a thief when you’re undecided…” is another Young Turks/Rod Stewart lyric;  …get theivin’ pun is tied to expression “don’t get mad, get even”; (Why Don’t We) Steal Away” is Robbie Dupree’s 1980 hit; Doubting Thomas was a dubious biblical figure, Thomas Dolby had a (1982) hit, She Blinded Me With Science, “wired for sound” is an expression meaning ‘ready to go wild’, and Dolby makes sound systems; …crime-ee a (raging) river and …stream of serenities are puns tied to expressions–“scene of the crime”, “cry me a river”, and “stream of obscenities”; Eddie Murphy’s character in Beverly Hills Cop was Axel Foley; and singer, Axl Rose (of Guns N’Roses fame) had a (1987) hit with “Welcome To The Jungle“–I tied in the expression “work-a-day” to make for a pun; cop an attitude” is an expression, and tying in optimistic  made it a deeper pun; (I’m So Happy Doin’ TheNeutron Dance is a ( 1984) hit sung by The Pointer Sisters; C&C Music Factory had a (1990) hit with, “Everybody Dance Now“…exchanging the word chance for dance makes for a pun;  I tied Smashing–in the context of “fantastic”–to the band Smashing Pumpkins–thereby, creating a pumpkin pie pun; same with “Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch)”–a 1965 hit by  Motown greats, the Four Tops; “trip the light fantastic” means, ‘to dance’…and I’ve always associated the expression with disco; and, the band, Hot Chocolate had the (1975) hit, “You Sexy Thing”…I added Smokey Robinson and the Miracles pun because it just inserted itself as naturally as can be…Smokey is awesomely-smooth like that…I particularly love, “Tears of A Clown”–it became a hit song in 1970, and hasn’t lost any of its lustre 🙂


15 thoughts on “(Dec. 9/16) “Time Is On Your Stride…”…(Not a Rolling Stones pun… :) )

  1. Haha! You wonderful creature, now I have an image of you in my head, you’ve given the game away now in just one sentence, my dear friend “I believe in (Smokey Robinson and the) Miracles since you came along, you Sexy(fuzzy-slippered) Thing” Love this! x

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Would you believe, I saw a man on the moon…too…might have been during Rapid Eye Movement dreaming though brought about by Orchestral Manouvres in the Dark…or some other mysterious hallucinogenic out of body experience. I get those during moments of Empty Head, which is another song by the brother of a rather famous rock start who is also a commercial airline pilot. Still, a Rolling Stone gathers no (Kate) moss and one must not Bark at the Moon overlong.

    Synergy of mindset…Hello, it’s Sunday Bloody Sunday, good to see U2 find time to have near mindful collapse shouting Tell me Why I Don’t Like Mondays. Picture Garfield smiling, walking down a road be round the corner is a charicture of the word MONDAY holding a baseball bat waiting to mug him…I was reminded of this poster on another blog only this very week.

    So, the post…is very Truly….old comedic urges…must no say scrumptious….it’s overused…must be…it’s the natural follow up to truly…no…moving on, Skating Away, on the Thin Ice of a New day, so to speak….that fits the week (Fire) Starter too. As does Going Down, in a blaze of Glory…all catastrophising mantras that we Rush into without so much as a higher brain pause for thought…I digress, the post….excellent as to be expected my friend. Very Mildly Serious, which is a terrible way to introduce a Wrecking Ball gag…still, musical nonsense is a great way to demonstrate World’s End and enjoy a cornetto in triplicate…which is another thinking cap association. I suspect even now folk might read this and shout Lemmy out of here. By Hitch time, the moon will be saying “Here Comes the Sun”, the Byrds will be singing and Mr Blue Sky will be telling us why it’s not Raining Men…hallelujah…which, as a bloke it is hallelujah for NOT raining fellows…women would be Aboslutely Fabulous…I think I need to see Dr and the Medics…my sanity is failing…blame it on NaNo….

    I wonder if the PostBusters are going to steal this comment too….🤔

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    1. To be on the safe side, I copied your comment to a word document…the only reference I didn’t get was Empty Head (never heard it, so I googled and listened…also, I love ELO–when I first heard “Mr. Blue Sky” I was immediately struck by how happy it sounded…such a feel good song 🙂 Your Post Busters context almost escaped me until I realized what you meant (hence, the copy/paste safety net ). Thanks for the compliment and smiles….I will be reading your latest offering sometime today….oh, Absolutely Fabulous is just that….I used to watch it over and over 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Very wise after the last episode of strangeness. Catherine Wheel made some pretty good tracks and have very distinctive riffs. Very different to his brother! A lot of ELO have that bouncy rhythm that draws a smile. I hope my ramblings don’t cause any headaches…you have that prompt like method of relaying your prose that says “Go on, you know you want to!”

        I’m about to go read your comment on mine now too…scary stuff 😱

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I think it’s great that my posts trigger a different kind of creative writing for you….that’s what sharing should do–help us tap into more of what we are meant to discover. Reading your posts does the same for me….it resonates 🙂 Lastly, you need never fear my comments…I am unfailing fan 🙂

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      3. Mine plays on empathy people watching….you can learn much about characters growth doing that. Books and courses can’t teach that either. They can point you in directions, but you have to have the empathy to get inside…obviously just my opinion… With yours I find mental images forming which peel in different directions…I guess that’s why some of it has Google featuring…oh, the track by Catherine Wheel you might find synergy with is called “Heal”


  3. another fantastic read… thanks. My son sings “On Top Of Spaghetti” all of the time so that made me chuckle.. I caught most but didn’t remember that eddie murphy’s character was named axel.. so I didn’t make that connection…. (love trying to see how many I get…)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. One of the things I love about writing posts is that things spring to mind that I wouldn’t have thought of/remembered otherwise….On Top Of Spaghetti was soooooo long ago, but I have a way of remembering song lyrics (in some cases, whether I want to or not….I can’t get the song “Steal Away” out of my head right now). I loved Beverley Hills Cop (all of the sequels as well) and I’ve watched it at least 6 times over the years…although, that’s nothing compared to how many times I’ve watched “Poirot”, “Psych”, “Murder She Wrote”….why am I rambling? Anyway, I am delighted to think of you feeling triumphant at catching the wordplay…thanks for you kind remarks….always appreciated 🙂

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