Winter “Sunshine Almost Always Makes Me ‘Hi(gh)”…my name is Truly and I’m In Love With Life'”…

Context: Something brief and different–but from the same heart…

I wrote what follows two Friday’s ago when I was home, and looking out my bedroom window.  

The sun was shining so brightly,  the snow was so pristine, and I was having one of those effortlessly-in-love-with-life-and-not-to-be-taken-for-granted days…

while resisting the urge to wonder how long it would last

Given that writing is like oxygen, I decided to breathe it all in; and record my unplugged thoughts…no amplification…no holding back….

Here’s what found me…

I’ve decided to stay right here, in this moment…and stare at it like it is the most beautiful sight I’ve ever beheld…

And, it is….

It’s bright and unabashedly-inviting…

I-love-you blue,

with daubs of ethereal whites…

all sparkle and shine…

serenity and invigoration…

Nothing this transcendent can be summed up in anything as ordinary as a nutshell…

instead, a pearlescent clam shell,

for this moment defies all odds as I’ve known them….

It says, I’m here for you, and,

no matter what it looks like,

I will be again and again…

But, in the meantime,

stay with me in the here-and-wow…

Let me caress you with my warmth,

and show you in your best light….

Close your eyes a moment,

and feel how much I want to give you all

that will feed your soul…

For, I am a nurturer…

and, it is my highest honor to reward you for doing your best to be your best…

As much as trying hurts you sometimes,

you are so radiant right now…

and right now is all that matters.

Right now is the you I always know you to be…

and I wish you could always see you as I do…

But, that will come….

and, this moment is proof…

I can see that you can see what I mean….

I know you feel it….and, that makes me shine all the brighter…

I love dazzling you….

look at you beam…

you have never been more beautiful…

As beautiful as an I-love-you-blue.


God bless you, Wonderfuls–and, as always, thanks for being here 🙂


22 thoughts on “Winter “Sunshine Almost Always Makes Me ‘Hi(gh)”…my name is Truly and I’m In Love With Life'”…

  1. What a wonderful post. Beautifully written and when I read your words I really “felt”… (not sure how else to say it)…

    I also looked out the window to see if the sky was blue… it currently is.. but on the other side of the mountains I see storm clouds… and it will soon be covered. I am glad I got a glimpse this morning before the storm arrives (sorry that has nothing to do with what you wrote… )

    I wished I had your ability to take words and make others feel something.

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    1. First…thank you for your wonderful comment…you are just sooooo kind and encouraging…I love that you “really felt”….that is such an unexpected observation…and, an eloquent one…in fact, your entire comment is poetic….and, I am really, really flattered and humbled by the thought of you looking out your window to see if the sky was blue….and I was touched when you said you were glad that you caught a glimpse of it before the storm arrived. As I see it, that has everything to do with what I wrote…you were engaging in mindfulness–which is a direct parallel to what I shared….that is evidence of an important connection. And, I can’t thank you enough for your amazing final line…..thank you, my friend 🙂

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    1. Your friendship and support is a gift beyond measure….thank you for being so kind and encouraging….you make me feel like a million dollars and a best-selling writer 🙂 Wishing you your heart’s desire and more….Happy Holidays (and, I will be right over to your post) 🙂

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  2. Hi,
    I know that song and like it.

    I sawyou at Gary’s blog hop. I invite you and your readers to come to my blog which is about anything that will make us all better content creators. On my blog, we party tomorrow and you are all welcome to join in the fun.
    Here is the link to my About page so your readers can read more about my blog and me.

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    1. Ha, Janice…you get everywhere! Truly is one of my originals…those that gave time and support when I first started blogging. She is now one of my closest friends too. (Maybe should not say that on her blog …ooops!!)

      And Truly…..Janice is cool….if you need to know about social media manipulation, exposure, trucks of the blogging world…then Janice is your go to person….she is also a good friend now too

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      1. You are so kind, Gary….and, I would be proud for you to announce from a mountain top that I am one of your closest friends…you are mine too….and, yes, I will be sure to connect with Janice…thanks for facilitating the connection between Janice and I…you, knowing me, know I procrastinate when it comes to uncharted/unfamiliar territory…eg. technological/social media advancements 🙂

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      2. Yes, I do know, because I recognise the signs! I have a black belt in procrastination! Tell you what, next time she hosts a meet and greet I’ll take your blog over and introduce you then !

        Besides, you can learn from my mistakes wrt social media…I’m doing a full review of my stuff in the new year! 😊

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  3. And onto the missing post, I think I am right in saying this was the one that slipped past. My first thought on reading was mindfulness. This is the moment and I am living it, breathing it, seeing it. Like you, I often watch nature, scenes…be it sun, rain, snow, first, the first signs of life as plants emerge after hibernating, the stars at night. All wondrous things to make you step back and appreciate things. The moment lasts as long as you are able to stare. The trick is not to drop back into the default mind that rushes past such things and never sees. Even old ruins have a resonance to be tuned into. The sensations of what was this like in the day, the people moving through it, who were they, what did they do and when did this place ebb and fall into ruination.

    Stark reminders that things don’t last and that each day is precious. Do you know, reading your posts makes me step back and think about the mindfulness course I did and then at my manuscripts. There is regret there that I have catastrophised long and hard over them…what to do, are they any good, who would read them…mindful answer is, nobody if you don’t at least try.

    Very eloquently phrased post…shame I missed it first time round!

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    1. Thank you for your thoughtful/thought-provoking observations…and, you din’t miss this post for long…it was quite recent…I didn’t post a notification on FB because I wasn’t sure I wanted that audience to read it….it is more intimate than my usual offerings in that it is stripped of distracting cleverness….thus, more vulnerable…I can’t say I’m becoming a word snob, but I am coming to appreciate that my thoughts/words/process has great value (for myself….and for those who get me…get where I am coming from)….I guess my choice reflects my decision to let certain people come look for me sometimes….if they care to, they know where to find me….that doesn’t include you, of course….I know you hear me, I know you value what I have to share….I know our connection is solid…and, it doesn’t require that you read everything I post….you are so very generous….thank you for being you 🙂

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      1. Recent is relative in my world…if I don’t catch up quickly things get buried and have a bad habit of becoming lost and forgotten. I can appreciate audience separation though. FB friends as often closer because they actually know you. Some thoughts may be better not exposed to them and if they choose to find the post, then I suspect they will probably be the ones that appreciate it better. My FB community is a strange one. Very self oriented, especially where I live now. I think there is a social experiment in this….I grew up further north than here and people seemed to far less money oriented and more inclined to speak to you with no preconceptions….”Now’t so queer as folk,” as my gran used to say !


    1. That’s a good thing, Anna…we got in on the ground floor of music that is coming around again…I especially love 80’s music and get so excited when I hear it played on contemporary shows…makes me feel like my nostalgic-love is validated and is evidence of my good taste. haha 🙂

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