(Oct. 9/16) Prepare Yourself For The Spectacular…

Hi, Wonderfuls….something different, but from my heart…that will never change 🙂

My response to a Facebook posting, yesterday…Thanks for sharing, Kat….I am in love….in love with his voice, his willingness to bare his soul, his willingness to share–and with all that brought him to a place in time when I (and everyone else who hears him) can be inspired by giftedness personified…these are the reasons why tears streamed down my face and caused me to squeeze my eyes shut so tightly–overcome by gratitude for my capacity to recognize and celebrate the incomparable beauty of the human spirit…thank you, Lord…and, continue to bless this dear soul and the gifted guitar player whose generosity allowed for this spontaneous pairing 🙂 ❤



2 thoughts on “(Oct. 9/16) Prepare Yourself For The Spectacular…

  1. Those artists who speak from the heart have a gift not only for playing their natural and man-made instruments, but our hearts as well. And we, as their audience, reverberate to the truth, as if our strings were those of a guitar or lute. Your posts often capture that aspect of reality, Truly. It must be because you have such a receptive heart. Thank you! ❤

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    1. Thank you, Anna. I’m blessed by your understanding of my heart…and mind. Souls like you make the journey a rewarding one…especially during times when (looking back) one wonders if sharing one’s big feelings and multi-layered thoughts is such a good idea 🙂

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