Daily Prompt: Careful

via Daily Prompt: Careful

For those familiar with my brand of round-about perspective, you know I love thinking/sharing outside the box….

Response to Ben’s Daily Prompt:

Context: Looking at things from a different angle…

If one aspires to be both a responsible person–and, someone without a care in the world–it makes perfect sense to throw caution to the wind…and, choose not to be care-ful…

Thanks for the inspiration, Ben.  This is my first time participating in any kind of prompt….so cool of you to invite connection this way… 🙂

God bless you, everyone 🙂


5 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Careful

  1. You are one up on me Truly. I’ve seen, but never participated in the Daily Prompts. I k ow not why, apart from time and poor writing scheduling. Something that needs autocorrecting post haste. My list of todos is ever expanding and writing has suffered; not very careful that; on theme maybe, but not very careful 🤔

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    1. Well, look at that, Superstar…just like that, you’ve accepted the invitation to the prompt…I did it because I’ve been reading/commenting on post for the past 2 days, and–while I’ve managed to jot down a number of ideas/lines for my next full-length post, I won’t have it written today…probably won’t be in a position to post it until Wed or so 🙂

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      1. Me a superstar…you are funny 👀

        I’d love to do prompts and challenges, but truth is, time is against me. I’d never get anything else done. I hardly get writing time as it is 😱

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      2. I can believe that….underachiever that I can be, sometimes, I’d spent my weekend reading/commenting on posts, and got little writing of my own done…so, the prompt was a momentary window in which to write… 🙂

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      3. I suppose it’s how you look at it. Two different viewpoints on the same situation can bring out very different states of mind. One can’t uber achieve all the time either, you need a respite before carrying on 😁

        Good use of the window of opportunity too. I should take a leaf out of your book there!!

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