(Oct. 9/16) Two Seconds Of Your Time, Please…

Hello, Fantastics…can you do me a favour?  I’m following over 200 people, and I can’t possibly keep up with all the posts on my reader–so, if you would like me to make a point of reading yours (a privilege I appreciate more than I can say), please just click on  a random post of mine and leave me a message asking me to visit you.  That way, you’ll be sure to come to my attention.  And, please don’t feel as though you need to wait for me to submit a new post, all I’m asking for is for you to make a request…I’m not trying to solicit readers 🙂

Thanks so much…and, God bless you 🙂


20 thoughts on “(Oct. 9/16) Two Seconds Of Your Time, Please…

  1. I share your predicament….I think I am around 800 so my reader flashes past so fast I miss 99% of posts and emails are so voluminous sometimes I just delete them in a huff.

    Ergo, lest you forget (ha ha) I’m here so don’t forget to visit 🤓

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      1. Too right, I must visit my ‘originals’ far more often too. That’s said, I’m still meeting cool people now. When does a community become a town and then a city?? Obviously, I will give you loads of nudges 😊

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      2. Hahahaha…when does a community become and town and then a city….and, please do…it’s not that I forget you, I forget myself, and it leaves insufficient time to make time to connect with those who really matter 🙂

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      3. Except I used a grinder for the very first time today…did not injure myself and cut a patio slab to fit a raised bed into….not that said bed is raised as yet, but I can now level the site ready to build!

        Your point, however, is very true 🤔

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      4. It is becoming shorter in daylight with associated drop in overnight temperature now noticeable in the mornings. Not unbearable, but noticed. Autumn is amidst us and the landscape is preparing, so to speak. Ergo I need to get a shake on getting the garden sorted before all becomes intolerably late !!

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  2. I follow a lot of blogs as well and sometimes I just look past their posts. It’s just too hard to keep up. I try to comment and read the blogs of people who comment on my blog–reciprocal love or something. Ha ha. I think it’s just easier for me to keep track of those folks than those who don’t comment. Plus I feel like “Hey, I came over and read your blog 5 times and you don’t even bother to read mine”…at that point, I don’t feel bad if I stop reading. Just my honest take on things. I think blogging is like a community and you can’t be utterly selfish. However, I do think some bloggers think they can be and those are the ones I don’t go out of my way to read.

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    1. I agree…we have to prioritize…and to me, the point is to connect and share, not to collect “likes” for the sake of numbers. Even so, I would hate to miss a post from a blogger who has been loyal and kind to me…hence, the invitation to give me a heads-up if life gets in the way of me checking WordPress as often as I’d like.


    1. Thank you for connecting….I was off the radar for a couple months and I’m so glad to be back….I visited you minutes ago, and read several posts…you will find comments included….you write so amazingly well, and your topics are entertaining and interesting. Thanks again 🙂

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    1. Of course I will! Thank you for connecting…and, if you post something and don’t hear from me within a 3 or 4 days of posting, can you please leave me a message just like you did today? And, I am on my way to your blog right now 🙂


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