(Sept. 10/17) “As Red Green Reminds Us, ‘We’re All In This Together’ “

Hi, there, Dearhearts,

Context: Writing is always there for me—an open invitation.  So, when I find myself doubting the advisability of accepting the offer (specifically, when speaking to deeper wounds), I remind myself not to take writing for granted…not to be fair-weathered penned.

I remind myself that my instincts are good, things happen the way they do for any number of reasons, and speaking one’s truth has value beyond helping oneself…

So, after having an (emotionally) brutal long-weekend, last week,

followed by a week that, thankfully, got better and better—

and, yesterday—having a strong sense that I’m starting to look like my old self again—

(a sure sign that I’m willing to put myself out there without fear of becoming a target)

today, I came across something that could have set me back…but, gratefully, I worked through it. 🙂

Here’s what that looked like:

Thoughts, gather round, you’ve got something to share with me…

As each of you occur, you converge in an understanding that gives me increased peace of mind—especially in times such as these when I’m tempted to give someone a piece of my mind.

And, what manner of thought prevents retaliation from steering me from my path, you might wonder?

The same spontaneous knowing that prompted me to quit drinking so long ago…

As author, Elizabeth Gilbert’s friend put it,

the realization that I was “…deteriorating faster than I could lower my standards”.

Oh, how I love that quote!

I discovered it this week, and find it’s funny because it’s true;

and, it’s a true blessing…

for, it is evidence that—having moved through utterly devastating pains—humor is the overriding thing that remains…that, and my determination to continue to fight the good fight.

So, in the here and now, I’m so grateful that this quote is ringing in my heart-centered ears; for, I’ve just seen a stark reminder of how duplicitous a certain someone is.

But, instead of a Socratic series of “Why’s” (“Why would/how could so and so say that…act that way…not feel horrible…not worry about being found out..? etc.)—a self-compassionate response is to take comfort in Wise

As such, questions become one—

“Truly, would you rather hear flattering truths spoken by someone who lies…and uses you?

Or, would you rather walk alone until—able to recognize that you have others who are true–you can see the forest in all its wood-be glory?”

Obviously, I’ve opted for the latter.

And, it’s not like I am side-stepping any of the trip…

Having had that frenemie in my life for over a decade, this leg of the journey has been long in the making.

But, having grown, I get that sweeping issues under the carpet leaves an unsightly bulge unseen only if one allows desperate distractions to have their way…

I understand that you have to, “go there”, before you can get there…

Which is why I’m keepin’ it real—acknowledging the traces of anger, while using self-talk to my advantage…

Why waste my breath on my vo-crab-ulary, when I can use my words to encourage and heal?

So, on days like today, when one’s contentment is suddenly challenged by blips on the radar, I offer myself–and, any who need it–this encouragement…

No pressure…instead of wishing each other a good morning, or good afternoon, or good day, or good evening…let’s wish each other a good moment…for, others will likely follow 🙂

Take care, my friends…it’s worth it…and, we most certainly are!

And, as ever…

Thank you for being my sounding board…generous of spirit, you are making such a valued difference 🙂

God bless you and your loves.

Affectionately, Truly

P.S. The Red Green Show (1991-2006) “is a Canadian show much like ‘Home Improvement’ ” (a show that starred Tim Allen)…I find Red and the gang to be endearing and amusing :); Elizabeth Gilbert is the author of the book, “Eat, Pray, Love”—I haven’t read it, but thoroughly enjoyed her TED Talk where she speaks to how she came to terms with the fact that she doesn’t expect to have that particular level of literary success again.  That’s where she shared her friend’s quote (“…was deteriorating faster than I could lower the bar“).


24 thoughts on “(Sept. 10/17) “As Red Green Reminds Us, ‘We’re All In This Together’ “

  1. Love this post… (usually love your posts so maybe that phrase doesn’t have as much impact).

    I love this post because there are so many personal things that you have shared that I can pull into my own thinking. I had not heard the phrase “deteriorating faster than I could lower my standards”… but it will be one that wont be forgotten.

    The second one that I am putting in my “go to” box of memories is “my instincts are good, things happen the way they do for any number of reasons, and speaking one’s truth has value beyond helping oneself”… I do have to admit the first part is easier to understand (my instincts are good) then the last (speaking one’s truth has value beyond helping oneself). I need to digest the last part a little bit more.

    I hope you realize what a wonderful gift your words can be and I hope you continue to share your self and the truths you have within…


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  2. Your timing is impeccable and for the 2nd time in so many days you have helped me sweet Truly! I am facing some issues myself and I needed to be reminded that “my instincts are good”.
    while trying not to “deteriorate faster than I could lower the bar” which is exactly where I was headed. Or even hurling … toward rock bottom. The bar could not go much lower.

    In my case, the gift of advance notice was a blessing in disguise. I can be prepared for tomorrow and what days (or dreams) may come. In the meantime, I am grateful for this good moment and the more good moments that will surely follow. Meeting you was serendipity and you my friend are the DEAR ❤

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  3. I love you vo”crab” ulary!! This had me laughing so hard I had to “pinch” myself.

    My life really improved when I followed a positive mindset. I learned a lot from hypnotherapy and the phrase “thoughts equal feelings” has become my truth. When I tell myself a story that leads me to feel down – it’s time for me to rewrite that story into one that leads to my feeling better.

    Your writing is spectacular and filled with insight. Beautiful and fun to read!

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  4. Thanks for the excellent advice to those who write. I agree; it’s a waste of our talent to focus on our vo-crab-ulary when we could be using our words to encourage and help others. BTW, The Red Green Show, always makes me laugh.

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  5. “I understand that you have to, “go there”, before you can get there…” Ah yes! Can totally resonate with this line (with the rest of the post too, but this especially), not easy, but absolutely necessary for growth.
    Sending you a hug again 🙂 XxX

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    1. Thank you, my friend…yesterday and today have been much better days…and, as you know, we have to celebrate every moment of relief when we are in transition/working through growth spurts. I’m hoping you are enjoying some really good times right now ❤

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      1. Oh yes, I hear ya there! I am having a really great first week of schooling my girls. I think everyday is a celebration just being with them. I’m so thankful you’re seeing better days and I pray it continues on for the remainder of your week! ❤️

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  6. I almost missed this wonderful post, Truly! I found myself taking some time this afternoon to wander through my feed just in case and your words washed over me in a healing wave…thank you so much for always sharing your Tru self with us!

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      1. It’s a pleasure (always!) – your beautiful work reminds us that being human is all that is required of us in the present moment, we are works in progress until we are not…until then we must embrace every wonderful and messy moment!

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  7. Oh my, late again; or as the White Rabbit says “The hurrier I go, the behinder I get.”

    I see so many of my own thoughts wafting through your posts Truly including an epiphany moment whilst reading the quote by Elizabeth Gilbert and high benchmarks that are set beyond reach; unrealistic… the downfall of a perfectionist perhaps? What struck me is memories are there because we own them; both good and bad. The choice is to use the good ones and, whilst not entirely neglecting the bad ones, not to dwell on them as the sole source of memorabilia. Granted they can be learnt from, but the trick is the good ones are often legion by comparison and a fragile mind can often ignore them. A reinforcement engine to keep that dour mind feeling comfy. I’ve been working on this a while now.

    The epiphany was to do the same with actual thoughts; question them and the things I do as a consequence of said thoughts. They set perilous habits that can affect the memory recall too. Ergo, I must now start to ask myself questions when a thought enters and challenge it’s existence. Avoid running on idle and actually get that executive function in-rusted and functioning… Rose sprang to mind whilst writing that!

    Self-talk; is the exact expression. Thank you for this one Truly; it’s immense 🙂

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    1. It is so gratifying and reinforcing to know that we can help each other along just by sharing our hearts and those things that sometimes weigh on–and, pray upon–our minds. I am touched by your poignant comment…thank you for sharing, and honoring me with glimpses of your process in the face of challenges. You are so resilient and determined..and inspiring! 🙂

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