(April 22/17) “I Don’t Want A Hide, I Want’a Seek!”

Hello Wonderfuls…here’s a brief spontaneous offering I’d like to share with you in the hopes it gives something…anything…anything at all ๐Ÿ™‚

Context: My response to one of my (face-to-face) friends who posted this on Facebook…

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For what it’s worth, (Jill), I’ve felt this way more times than I can remember…but, sensitive souls are exactly what this world needs, and there are so many more sensitive souls than we could ever imagine…

Fear and painful experiences serve to alienate us from our knowing that–not only do we belong–we are meant to be leaders, guides, the brave ones who consciously reclaim–and shed light on– what “worldliness”/socialization has steered us away from.

Pain is not proof that we cannot/are not meant to embrace the awesome powers wrapped up in deep feelings and knowings.

At it’s best, pain (emotional-isolation, insecurity, a sense of being misunderstood etc.) motivates us to keep railing against the expectation that we change (i.e. “toughen up..have/get a thicker skin”)….

It pushes us to reach out, to reach up, to go within….

to go within–that’s the place to start…

that is where that still, small pinpoint of ever-growing light is found…and, in a way that is unique to each of us, it increasingly illuminates the paths to liberation.

I know you are searching….you always have….I understand you’re tired of the struggle, my beautiful soul sister—me, too.

But, in this moment, I’m also sure that the struggle is part of the process of coming to realize that this world is ours—it belongs to us, not the other way around…we do not have to earn the approval of anyone else to be welcomed here….the universe is cheering us on, and sees us as humankind’s champions–flawed, yes–but exactly what the world needs โค

And, as is true of Jill, Amazers, the same is true for each one of us (whether you self-identify as painfully-sensitive or not), for souls, by definition, are magically sensitive…

and, the human condition being what it is, no one is immune to the psychic wounds inflicted on human hearts and minds.

Until next time, Dazzlers,

God bless you and your loves ๐Ÿ™‚

Affectionately, Truly


34 thoughts on “(April 22/17) “I Don’t Want A Hide, I Want’a Seek!”

      1. Much love to you…and I just saw your post…thanks for the nomination…I’ve answered your questionss, will figure out my own…and how to copy and past the nomination logo… ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. You’ve choked me up and confirmed that acting on my instinct to share might just be of benefit to someone besides me…you’ve been–and are–such a blessing to me…and I just know that I’m one of countless others โค Rest up, but never give up…in all the ways that count, you are all that is right with the world ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. Very good post… I have always wished that I was “sensitive”… I am one of the “lucky” oblivious ones that if he is not careful can easily overlook a feeling or miss an opportunity to be there for others. I have worked many years to try to develop this wonderful trait and envious of those who by it comes naturally.

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    1. I find you to be unquestionably kind, sensitive, and empathetic….despite your assessment of yourself (and I’m not challenging you), you are definitely a heart-on-your-sleeve soul…perhaps not in the “standard/cliche’d way (ie. getting choked up by mushy commercials)…but, I “see” you–effortlessly ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Love your descriptive terms – Dazzlers! Wow, that is so beautiful, Truly. Yes, I have learned to embrace my sensitive side. The tears and suffering were able to be channeled into music and feelings. That expression has brought me so much joy.
    I had no idea it would do that later in my life and I had hoped to “toughen up.” I try instead to tell my self different “stories” that lead to my feeling better about painful situations. How we think really does affect how we feels. I’ve become a story master!
    Great post and very thought provoking. You are so encouraging!!!!

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  3. Each time I read a new post from your very lovely soul I’m amazed at how much deeper you are willing to go to reach out to us (the world) and remind us of our inherent beauty/light! This piece wielded some pretty powerful magic, my friend!


  4. I love this post as I myself am quite a sensitive soul and I can always pick up on others emotions but I would always think why do I have to be soooooooo sensitive but it helps in emotional situations. Nevertheless I believe that sensitivity is a good thing.

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    1. It can be very painful to be sensitive—but, as you point out, the benefits out-weigh the downside. Creativity (in all its many forms) is very much aligned with sensitivity….as is compassion and empathy…sensitive people are amazing people and I’m not surprised to know that you are one of them….thank you for your kindness ๐Ÿ™‚

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  5. I always admired you on how you think and see things in a different way. It is truly far from a normal people do and you’re always reminding me about positivity. Thank you so much for sharing this reflection with us and I do learned a lot from this. Thank you so much truly for being such a blessing to all your readers.

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  6. ‘…we do not have to earn the approval of anyone else to be welcomed hereโ€ฆ.the universe is cheering us on, and sees us as humankindโ€™s championsโ€“flawed, yesโ€“but exactly what the world needs …’
    – wonderfully uplifting and a mantra for all!
    Truly, brilliantly written, profound – I found myself gasping at the wisdom here …

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  7. I love how you start your blog with Hello Wonderfuls. It’s is so uplifting. And this is such an apt reply. And I feel compassion towards each other makes us different than most other organisms on this planet. But, unfortunately, we are losing it. But I’m glad that we have people like you among us, who are there to constantly remind us of this beautiful message.
    Beautiful post โ™ก

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