(April 22/17) BLUE SKY TAG

Hello for the second time today, Terrifics 🙂  I just noticed that I’ve been included in a BLUE SKY TAG.  Techno-dolt that I am, I can’t seem to figure out how to copy/paste the TAG logo (not sure why), but I’m guessing (if you choose to nominate yourself) you will know how to copy the logo from the “taggers” address 🙂

Also, I love this Q&A….it’s quick and easy….and fun! 🙂


Unsure of name or gender, what I am sure of is that “orangeorchards” is the kind of soul I am so easily drawn to…sensitive, bright, loving, empathetic, poetic, kind, sweet, strong…and willing to be vulnerable in spite of the risks.  I’m so grateful we’ve connected.  New to the blogging community, please welcome and support our new light 🙂

QUESTIONS ASKED OF ME (and 10 others) ARE:

What are your hobbies?…I love reading, writing, listening to music, singing unabashedly (especially while driving in the car), watching/hearing people share their gifts, and daydreaming.  

Tell us about your celebrity crush…I’ve had a crush on actor, Matt Dillon ever since I saw him in the movie, “Tex” (the year before he was in the movie “The Outsiders”).

What do you love about yourself the most?…How hard I laugh at things I find funny.

Do you believe in God? Yes…God is the higher power I identify with.

What is it that you cannot live without? In a spiritual sense, connection…food-wise, pizza.

Have you ever experienced paranormal activity? If you are referring to seeing/hearing ghosts or spirits, no.  If your definition includes unexplained “knowings”, then, yes. 

When was the last time you felt like beating up someone? I can’t remember.

How has your journey with WordPress been?  A little over a year.

Reading or Writing? I can’t decide...

What is your idea of success? Feeling unshakably-peaceful (not there yet 🙂 )

Your favorite quote is? One of them is, “The best is yet to come.”

MY QUESTIONS FOR ANYONE WHO CHOOSES TO ANSWER (also, feel free to share as little or as much as you’d like…and interpretation of the question is of your choosing 🙂 ):

1.What is something that chokes you up?

2.How old were you when you first identified someone as your best friend?

3.When in the house, is your preference socks or bare feet?

4.Cabin/cottage or hotel?

5. Travel or staycation?

6.What is one of your greatest joys?

7.Do you think you are funny?

8.What is something that made you laugh out loud?

9. Who is the most recent person who has won your heart? (I’m thinking in a platonic sense, but you can redefine the scope of the question.)

10. What’s your favourite piece of furniture in the place where you live?

11. Which makes for the best comfort zone, day time or night time?

God bless you and your loves, Wonderfuls…

Affectionately, Truly 🙂



18 thoughts on “(April 22/17) BLUE SKY TAG

  1. Great answers truly! I enjoyed so much reading them! Thank you so much for your answers. It feels so good reading all the adjectives you have used for me. This is the first time someone wrote so much about me 😝😂😂 I can’t thank you enough!

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  2. How very coincidental as I too have found a nomination for this one too. Reading or writing…can’t decide made me chuckle…because I expanded into cognitive dissonance (you proper set me off with that phrase). To read or not to read…or write right things…or sit outside with coffee (decaffeianted) and ponder things until they are Truly overthought, smile and do neither, whilst feeling unshakeably peaceful!

    Great answers; especially liked the paranormal one…in tune with the Brothers Carmichael who, begin seeking unexplained Knowings, but the unexplained don’t want to be known!

    Hope your weekend goes well 😊

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      1. I find it hard to just drop in and not ramble; I feel if I am investing in commenting then its a case of “Have at you!” Hoping to do that post this week. Will let you know when its up 🙂

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      2. You are so very kind Truly 🙂 Had a productivity poor week last week and aim to improve things this time round! Might even have a post or two !!!


  3. Wow, with these questions that has been thrown to you, I get to know more you. You’re truly deep in almost everything, especially with how you handle life in general. I as well can’t decide between the two, writing or reading, I would rather just smile if I get that question. Thank you so much for sharing it with us, Truly 😃

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