(March 26/17) “Let’s Not Kid Ourselves…Humour Isn’t Child’s Play”

Hello, Adorables,

It strikes me as funny (in the “hmmm” kinda way) that I can confuse myself into reserving precious time-outs for a narrow selection of (dubiously) worthwhile endeavours.

“And, what”—you are likely polite enough to ask yourself—”is Truly talking about now?”

Well, thanks for asking, or I wouldn’t accomplish even this little bit today. 🙂

You see, I started my latest post last Monday, and I have a good deal of snippets (one liners/puns, insights, anecdotes, remembered song lyrics) noted—and, if I pushed myself, I could combine those with the branching-off thoughts that would surely follow…and, could post my usual fare late this evening.

So, why not?

Well (and, again, thank you), this brings me back to my—funny-but-not—point….

It feels too easy…thus, boring….and a waste of a day off before returning to the rigors of a busy work week.

And, it’s this perspective that tells me I’ve reached a point in my growth where I must be “wary of letting something, that I once marveled at, come to be seen as ordinary” (I’m paraphrasing—and apologize for not being able to credit the source).

In other words, I can’t trip myself up by the notion that my gift isn’t!

True, in ways, my creative writing comes easily (the spontaneous word-play, abstractions, connections, lyrical parallels and metaphors)…

but, would I turn down a priceless treasure just because I accidentally found it hidden behind a seemingly worthless velvet painting bought at a garage sale?


So, having stumbled upon a way of expressing myself that, initially had me (beyond!) giddy with wonder and gratitude, I can’t con myself into believing that my writings are whimsical, off-beat paintings (efforts) best reserved for the occasional occasions when I’m in the mood for/to share something endearingly silly and frivolous.

Such are the mind-games we use to sabotage ourselves, Fantastics.

After all, until recently, I instinctively knew that I was gifted the words that spring to mind and delight you and I…and, I was very much aware of the foundation that supports the tip of this iceberg…

The knowing that a great number of life’s trials and errors lay the ground work for my creations…and, artists in your own rights, Amazers, I’m thinking you can relate.

So, having reclaimed my senses, I have a frame of reference for reminding us that nothing comes as easy as it seems…

And, from this vantage point, I am able to see the value in making the effort to think this through…

and, share with you…

My intention is to offer something of worth  (to be determined by you, and used any way you see fit).   hope to inspire you, help you feel understood, empowered…like you are part of a collection of souls who use—would-be—stumbling blocks as stepping stones to brighter here-and-nows.

That’s how we make a better future, individually and collectively–right, Wonderfuls?

And, last but not least…thank you for letting me know how much you enjoy my mind-bending/time-consuming posts…they are so dear to my heart…and have allowed me to think about/share so much in ways I probably wouldn’t have found the discipline/bravery for….

You leave the most touching and surprising comments–the stuff of dream-validation that, on my best days, I tell myself (except, you say it even better…and, there’s nothing in it for you except to make me feel encouraged and celebrated)…

Right this very second, reflecting on your capacity for generosity has me choked up with wonder and gratitude…the very experience I was talking about when first discovering my unique gift for writing…

So, too, will I remember not to take you for granted (even when I am an international, best-selling writer who used to be a social worker) 🙂

Thank you for the blessing you are…the world is infinitely better because you are part of it.

God bless you and your loves.

“See” you soon 🙂

Affectionately, Truly


51 thoughts on “(March 26/17) “Let’s Not Kid Ourselves…Humour Isn’t Child’s Play”

  1. Yes, writing should never become a chore. But please don’t stop writing. Even a small snippet of your thoughts is better than nothing at all. We love you Truly! Keep on writing my friend and have yourself an amazing week! 😉

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    1. I read your comment, and then Suze’s right after….what your comment started, hers finished…my throat burned…my eyes stung, and I squeezed them tight as tears leaked out, and I repeated (over and over), “I don’t know how, and I don’t know what…”. When I figure it out, I will articulate…in the mean time, just know you’ve touched me profoundly….thank you!

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      1. They are my favourite, too…Justin (my best friend) narrowly missed me reciting, “I don’t know how, I don’t know what…” over and over when he came home and surprised me with them….tellingly, it would have only taken him a second to ascertain that I was grateful for something….he’s been inured to my brand of emotionality (and, I can shut it down quickly when I must…haha) Thank you for understanding me…it’s an awesome feeling ❤

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      2. That’s one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me. 💖 Oh to be magical… Can you tell I’m a huge Harry Potter fan? Lol… 😉

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  2. Truly: You are a joy to behold. A writer with whimsy and deep-thoughts, a light hearted writer of heart break and tears. We adore you. If it isn’t difficult, it isn’t truly special, is it? Keep on posting, even when you doubt it has worth, for the worth is in what WE read as well as what YOU write.

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    1. Suze, dear Suze, please read my response to “M’s” comment…and, I add this….you’re observation is a sign—validation of what I’ve been telling myself….beauty is in the eye of the beholder…the reader takes my art and filters it through his or her lens, and therein lies the magic…thank you, oh wise and treasured soul 🙂


  3. You really write with so much heart and you are able to channel your deep thoughts while bridging it to your words of wisdom. I can truly feel every words that comes with conviction as if I’m listening to you talking in your most comfortable way. I really enjoy what I’m reading and keep writing cause you’re amazing and a brilliant writer.

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    1. You have no idea how much your feedback means to me….you really understand what I am trying to communicate,and it is so gratifying to know that I am sharing in a way that appeals to you…I do write from the heart, and your heart is in sync with mine…..this allows for a wonderful connection….that is a gift I am so grateful for…thank you for blessing me with your insight, sensitivity and kindness 🙂


  4. This is a very interesting post… with hidden gems throughout… There is one phrase I have read and re-read several times and I find it the most interesting. (I am weird so don’t read too much into this…) … here is how I am reading it… hopefully not “miss-reading”…

    you want to share content with us that will help us “feel understood”. I am intrigued by this goal…

    So many write with the goal of being “understood” and if I understood… you write with a goal of making the reader feel “understood”. That sounds incredibly altruistic and incredibly challenging… love the idea. Is that what you really meant to write… I find it genius… and now I will have to go back and read all of your stuff over and see if “I feel understood”…

    If I am wrong… I feel incredibly stupid… (unless that was your goal… and then I am just playing along)

    Love your posts… love something that makes me read carefully…

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    1. You are so deep and wise…and not because you understand what I aim to do…having said that, my quest to be understood is tied to my drive to help others feel understood and valuable and valued…by sharing what I share, I hope that others can relate and/or read things into my offerings that increase their introspection/appreciation for the unique souls they are….to feel connected, and special….I hope to give context that shines a light…that blots out the misapprehensions that people have of themselves and others….I share my challenges and flaws so that, as I grow, it might help others in their own growth–whatever path they choose to take….one of the most beautiful things others have said to me is, “You understand me–what I’m feeling, saying, experiencing, perceiving ….”
      I’s all about empathy…we, each, want to be understood…I want to contribute to that because when we feel understood, we have the confidence to take risks, to be more genuine…for, absent fear of judgment and being found wanting, we are given room to discover more and more of our awesomeness…sorry, my brain is a bit tired and I can’t say it any clearer, but…there it is 🙂 Thank you for your incredibly kind and thoughtful feedback!!!!! 🙂

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  5. You are so incredibly brave to write the words we sometimes hide in our hearts – the posts I agonize over or feel haven’t expressed what is rumbling through my mind are often the ones that garner the most beautiful, heartfelt comments…I think we are meant to use this medium to show up (no matter what!) with our beautiful selves and create magic! It’s always a joy to “see” you and read your words…

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    1. Thank you for your unfailing encouragement, my loyal friend…brave…more like driven to overcome my instinct to hide that which might help others face the parts of themselves that they are afraid of/afraid to show….much of the time, we can be our own worst enemies, and, I am far from an exception….given my desire to help others, I am motivated to take risks and “show up”…wonderful souls like you make it possible for me to find ways to share in increasingly naked ways….we are becoming closer and closer as I reveal more and more and you reveal more and more….reciprocity….a recurring theme…

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      1. You know I’m only kidding, Truly. I’ve built myself an unenviable reputation within the blogosphere for being pathologically averse to both the overuse, and incorrect usage of, the venerable ellipsis. Now Truly, I’m counting, so, you have been warned . . . 😉


  6. Your lovely post of appreciation is appreciated. The description of your writing as an “offbeat painting” is a stroke of genius. I’m grateful to have brushed against your talent and always enjoy your colorful posts.
    You are a gem! (No choking up now, or you’ll become an “artichoke!”)

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  7. Well, that’s a poignant think if ever I saw one! Perceived worthwhile endeavours…why am I considering mind sabotage from the default what’s the point zone deployed rather well in the split mind of Rose…told you it was cathartic in many respects. Topped up with your cognitive dissonance and those worthwhile causes can sink under the weight of day to day “other” stuff. In my case the worthwhile cause is publishing and I find this post musing over some psychic resonance that cruises my mind way too frequently…hence the lack of posts this year… terrible that is!

    Fortunately I read to the end and observed the thought train in action to put down those initial words and revitalise the positivity. Its a very good, almost self evaluation exercise, that’s got an excellent conclusion. Obviously I trust there will be a signed copy of your international books; possibly two so one can remain BNIB for eBay when your written worth is on the big screens too. 🙂

    Great post Truly and loved the flow!

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    1. Thanks so much, my friend…I meant to write you a glowing review of your novel, but I went home after a super-busy day and was asleep much quicker than I planned…my plan is to read another couple chapters tomorrow on my lunch break and I will gush then 🙂 You are sooooo sweet….not only will there be a signed copy, but you will mentioned 🙂

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      1. Don’t worry Truly, I know life throws in curve balls so there is never any pressure to read or reply urgently. I will always be here 🙂 As for a mention…that is most unexpected because I’ve not really done anything apart from comment here and there so don’t feel obligated to do that my friend…besides, I’m about to change my theme here and might ask for a testimonial on my own stuff 🙂

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      2. First, I’m at work and am taking a moment of my lunch break to write…so, don’t mind how brief this response is 🙂 I am including you in my first published work (whenever that happens) because of our wonderful bond (and you are my first writer friend 🙂 )–and you have done more for me than you know 🙂 Secondly, I love reading your work, and I’m glad you know that it is only the tyranny of the urgent that is slowing me down/interfering with my ability to read it at will. Lastly, I would be so thrilled you write you a testimonial in any context….especially writing…what a wonderful use of my words 🙂

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      3. Well taking a moment out of your lunch break speaks volumes in itself! I never knew I was your first writer friend before either…that’s quite an honour and a very good motivator not to let the side down!! Thank you re my work too. Sending it was quite a moment for me. Most of my followers have only seen short stories or excerpts and nothing at all from Rose or the novel you now have. When my new theme is up and running I would like to add a testimonials section. If you still want to at that stage I would again be honoured to have yours 😊

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      4. I can’t always say I get a proper lunch break, but when I do, I plan an spending a few moments doing something uplifting for myself and others 🙂 It’s all cumulative and feeds the good 🙂 Thanks for being part of that 🙂

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      5. Its that positive breeds positive attitude. Doing rather than overthinking, spending time with people that don’t judge or impact your own worth through toxicity. I’m grateful you feel I can help in some small way 🙂

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  8. Talent can seem so easy and ordinary to the one who has it, but to the rest of us it is a gift that they share it. It reminds us that there is beauty, and goodness, enchantment and wonder in this world and inspires others to find and use their gifts as well. How wonderful it would be if everyone would feel welcome and comfortable sharing their gift…the world would be a different place. In the meantime, thank you for taking the time to be generous and share yours…even if at times the pursuit seems “ordinary.” What may seem ordinary to you is extraordinary to us! Love and light. ❤

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    1. Speaking of enchanting….your writing and comment is as uplifting and inspiring as you are. Thank you so much for your gift of encouragement…and, you are so right–we need to create a world that enthusiastically invites everyone to shine in their own unique way. ❤


    1. I think this is one of the kindest comments I could ever get….thank you so very much…..my heart is smiling ear to ear….and, I hope you know I am a fan of yours as well! 🙂


  9. Gratitude changes everything, doesn’t it? Today, I’m grateful for this post and for you, and the way the virtual world of blogging has allowed us to meet and touch each others’ hearts with the beautiful, wonderful words we write. Love, love, love.

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  10. I am truly in awe of your ability for word-play and that you take so much time and care to explain your thought process is such a huge learning process. Plus it gives me a sneak view into a whole new way of life. Hope you keep punning and leave us (or at least me) scratching my head 😀

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  11. “wary of letting something, that I once marveled at, come to be seen as ordinary”
    This line is particularly resonant in your post, I feel. I know you were paraphrasing here but yet. It fits so well with the whole theme. Good luck! ^_^

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  12. This happens to me all the time. I think you’re either a writer or you aren’t, and the way you can tell is that if you don’t write, it physically bothers you. If I haven’t cobbled together words into something at least once a day, I feel like I’m trying not to sneeze almost. At the same time, since I do most of my writing about movies, it’s easy to become trapped in a cycle of I have to review this film now, and I have to keep up, and it ends up just sabotaging the things you loved to write about in the first place. I didn’t start writing about movies because I had to, I did it because I wanted to, and any time I feel myself tipping toward the obligation side of things, I have to take a step back. I like your writing. You do what I do (I think) in that you write like you’re just talking to your readers, and that’s the way that’s always felt most natural to me.

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    1. I am really pleased and privileged to have connected with you…and, I am flattered that you compare my writing style to yours. Also, I love the way you compare not writing to trying not to sneeze–very vivid and relatable! As with you, I write as a way to regain balance (at least enough that I can put one foot in front of the other on my path to embracing my authentic self). I can relate to not forcing oneself to write…deadlines and expectations can take the purity of communicating–and that’s why I don’t always post weekly anymore. I wish I could, though…it feels so great! Anyway, enough rambling. Chat later 🙂


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