(Oct. 17/16: Day 1) Three Quotes in Three Days Challenge…

Okay, so this came as a wonderful surprise….thank you for the nominations, lovelies.  These two bloggers know each other, and nominated me on the same day.  I’ve been given permission to lump their nominations together…so, instead of nominating three people per day, I will nominate six.

Nominator #1:thefictionallyrealone


Although we just “met”, having read (I hope I assume correctly) her quotes, I can tell she is optimistic, has a great sense of humour, and a wonderful zest for life 🙂


Nominator #2: Speaking Up For Myself


Having read her latest post, I am blown away by her rich vocabulary, depth, and philosophical brilliance.

And, I appreciate that this is is a manageable endeavour (no techno-savvy required), that it won’t tax my brain after an uber-busy work day, and that it’s a great way to connect 🙂

This quote is mine, and I posted it on Facebook last night.  For any of you who have read my blog posts, you’ll know they are riddled with tons of puns.

QUOTE: To those who never acknowledge me on Facebook…here’s me taking the “Hi” road. Haha 🙂 I really am kidding…I just couldn’t resist when the pun popped into my head just now. Wishing you a peace-filled evening, friends 🙂

Here’s context…

I only have about 80 Facebook friends, and no public profile.  That is my choice given that I am a private person.  However, I have over 200 followers for my blog. and I’m following each of them as well (such a privilege!).

The difference is, I find that I can express deeper thoughts/have deeper connections on my blog, by virtue of what I share, how much I share, and how I share it–and how much others share in all manner of unique ways.

As for Facebook, I see the value in those connections as well, but have come to terms with the fact that, although I “like” and comment often, there are a majority of those Facebook friends who rarely–if ever–indicate they’ve read anything I’ve posted (which mostly consists of uplifting quotes I come across on Facebook).

Given my increased focus on personal growth (especially in the past couple years), it hit me yesterday that I am no longer bothered by what I, previously, would have considered dismissive behaviour.  I, now, understand that people are busily posting–and scouring–social media forums without taking the time to acknowledge certain posts or people.  They have their own agendas.

I don’t take this personally (I have in the past).  I, now, know that it says something about their priorities–and, is no reflection on me.  What I share is meant to encourage, perhaps entertain, make others feel less alone…and, often, meant to put a smile in their hearts.

I don’t need credit for that…it is there for the taking, or not…my intention is all that matters…and, I choose not not delete Facebook friends who don’t fit the definition that I would expect in regular friendships.

It is telling, though, that the Facebook friends who regularly respond are actual friends …there is  a difference in connection.  And, it’s also interesting that my quote garnered more “likes” than I usually get.

So, anyway…that’s it…I choose not to delete Facebook friends who don’t let me know that they “hear/see” me…

They’ve given me a chance to realize that I know my worth, and what I have to offer…and, that I have quality connections and friends that far exceed being “liked” and responded to.  I genuinely appreciate them for that.  My joke is my way of saying, “No hard feelings–and, you matter to me” 🙂

Thanks for reading, Wonderfuls….and, God bless you 🙂

Oops, forgot to nominate three people…I will edit/update….give me a few minutes 🙂

I nominate:




Their blogs are really fantastic!!!!!





11 thoughts on “(Oct. 17/16: Day 1) Three Quotes in Three Days Challenge…

  1. I understand your feelings so well. When a person places real effort into whatever they do, they hope the response benefits ALL involved. When a person hits a “Like” button EVERY TIME, it feels forced and compromises the quality of our effort. To acknowledge their ideas, skills, expression etc… requires so little time yet means so much. Sometimes I think people just don’t take the time to concern themselves.

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    1. I cannot thank you enough for your kindness and positive regard…I know I keep saying it, but you are a blessing I appreciate so very much. Your comments always resonate and touch my heart. Thank you for your compassion, sensitivity and generosity of spirit…it is so great to be understood. 🙂


    2. No pressure, but I’ve nominated for the 3 Quotes in 3 Days challenge….
      If you are up for it, post 3 quotes, 3 days in a row (doesn’t have to start today) and, on each of the days, nominate 3 people to do the same 🙂


  2. Very interesting read… I am on Facebook and I have never really given much thought to “likes” but always enjoy comments. Facebook is something I started to keep up with friends and family in France (easy way to share pictures and a quick “here is what is going on”). I don’t meet new people… Everyone is already a friend or family member.

    My blog is different in that I share much more and I meet wonderful strangers by happenstance … who become my “happenstance friends” (what a wonderful way to make friends). I feel very fortunate for all of the connections I have made. I love being able glimpse a part of their lives through their words and pictures… People are always so interesting… This is how I feel about you and your blog… You are a wonderful person and your words have often “put a smile on my heart”….

    Oh ya… THANK you so much for nominating me

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    1. You’ve warmed my heart, my happenstance friend…your blog is absolutely one of my favourites…and, I am very blessed to have you in my life in this unique way. You are especially interesting and so very kind. Thank you for your positive regard….it means so much 🙂 And, you are welcome…

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I am not all that optimistic…….just have some sass and some self-confidence….
    Also my friends and I are always labelled weird , so on and so forth at school so I kind of ended up relating to them……
    Thank you anyway🙃

    Liked by 2 people

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