(July 20/16) “Come On, Baby, Do The Lack-A-Motion…”

Context: Probably a year or so ago, something made a memory of childhood spring to mind–and I was surprised to find that particular morning’s-muse had inspired reminiscences of limericks.  

Afterall, although, for a time, I loved writing poems, my preference wasn’t for the saucy, tongue-in-cheek kind.

But, imagination stirred, I wrote the (year old) limerick that triggered my latest post…it highlights the low-lights of  avoiding ones responsibilities–and how it will cost you in the long run.

And, it is based on true story…

My own 🙂

Hello, treasures…today, I’m doing the same old song and dance(-in-my-pants)

Which, at first read is misleading;

and, on second thought,  is suggestive of an  unintended/provocative, context…

However, not one for gutter-smutter, the pants in question are flannel pajama bottoms;

and the dance routine is a euphemistic cha-cha-na–whereby I lazily..(*ahem)…leisurely  think up ways to trick myself into getting out of bed and ready for work.

‘Trouble is, because I’m not a deceitful person, I can easily justify my immobility whilst wiling away the minutes self-righteously reflecting on my virtuous nature.

(*”Sloth isn’t a virtue”, a niggling voice–tucked away in a dimly-lit, cocooned spot of my mind–suggests in hushed tones.)

“Easy for you to say”, I retort! “You get to lounge all day–ensconced in the warmth of your holier than thou security blanket…”

And then I take a few more seconds’-thoughts to  congratulate myself on resisting the urge to add,

“And, not to be rude, (*a sure a harbinger of incivility), but if you’re whispering in hopes that it’ll make your whiny presence less irritating, you’re missing the point

First, you’re about as unobtrusive as a mental mosquito

Second, you can’t prick my conscience with your droning….I’m immune to needle-nose pliars.”.

(*After taking a deep breath, I reflect that there’s no benefit to turning on myself….so, I roll over and look at things from a different perspective.)

“Oh, these precious moments“, I muse…”how they lull-a-by-the-by me with the cumulative minutes that support my (prone and comfy) position.”

Then, my logical side takes a turn at tossing… and, flops–for, I simply (steam)  roll over again, and condescendingly-explain,

“Sure, these, ‘just one more’–

chip-away-at-the-minutes–lays come back to bite me in the ‘Sorry, but(t)’…” (*insert late apology here…different lyrics…same melody.)

(*Pause for dramatic effect and additional stall time…)

“And, given my egghead decision to stay in bed, poor time-management heralds a host of (scrambled) perpetuating (all-day-breakfast) factors…”

(*Late for this, forgot about that…”And, not so well-rested”, reminds the gnat.)

“But what’s a perseverating,  procrastinating insomniac supposed to do.?”.

(*For your elucidation, thinking in big terms prolongs the rise and pine (for long lost sleep).

Anyway, fellow bed-heads, the time has come to accept that any benefit to laz…lounging a moment longer is but a drop in the ocean…there’s a title wave of work awaiting…time to get out of my dreams and into my car (pool…just me myself and I).

Oh, and I almost forgot…

Here’s the limerick…

There once was a miser from Nantucket,

And at a dollar’s first bloom, he would pluck it.

“Oh, money tree mine; for you mountains I’d climb

But if a bill were a bridge,

I would ducat!” 

As always, lovelies (which refers to both lasses and laddies)…I love that you were here! 🙂

Thank you, God bless you, ‘see you in a week or so. 🙂

P.S. Greater Context If Needed:

“Duck it” is slang for side step/avoid–and, a ducat (pronounced, duck-et) were formerly-used European currency/coins…(then–as now–I have no idea how I knew that, nor why it came to mind–but, it inspired the limerick); “(Come on, baby, do) The Loco-Motion” was penned/recorded in 1962–but I liked the (1988) Kylie Minogue version; Cha-Cha is a ballroom dance; pliars is a my combo of ply and liars (to ply is to try to convince, and needle nose is tied to mosquito reference…needle nose pliers are a tool, (said Captain Obvious); Precious Moments are collectable figurines often purchased to celebrate a birth…and, carried on from there; Lays potato chip slogan is, “I bet you can’t eat just one.”; rise and pine is my wordplay on “rise and shine”; “Get Outta My Dreams (and into my car)” was a 1988 hit for Billy Ocean.




48 thoughts on “(July 20/16) “Come On, Baby, Do The Lack-A-Motion…”

  1. Your writing is a pleasure on two levels. I enjoy attempting to deduce the subtle meanings within the tortuous phrases as well as enjoy the fun experienced from the mere reflection on the stories told. I have never seen another writer capable of blending these wonderful talents.

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    1. Thank you so much, my kind and true friend…your comments are always so affirming and heart-warming and humbling and sooooo appreciated…I am just going to charge my lap top and I will be over to “visit”…I am excited to see what I will find… 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you so much…I’m working on it, but I think it will be a couple years 🙂 However, I just know you and I will still be enjoying this connection–and, I’m sure you know that time flies 🙂

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      2. I was going to write “I can’t wait until we are talking about each others writing.” Then I thought, “Duh, we already are!” It doesn’t matter that we aren’t published yet, we can still enjoy each others writing! Have a wonderful day.

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  2. Well, that could be a case of quoting me saying “I resemble that post!”

    How easy it is to get beguiled by the hypnotic voices…don’t try, you’ll fail, the couch is safe…. They lie….we know this and yet…they still sound assured in their demands. It is good to hear the counter voice though, waking up and trying to elevate into a place to be heard.

    Another superb post my friend and full of wisdom once more intertwined in me
    mirth and madness.

    Thank you for sharing 😊

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      1. I like this ally thing…sounds very conspiracy theory 😁

        Do keep reminding me about posts too, although you are now on a separate list in my reader. That makes keeping track of your posts super easy 😊

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      2. A goodly point and one is rather tempted to use the phrase, “Cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of war!” Possibly overkill, but looking at my manuscript has that affect 🙃


  3. As always I enjoyed your post. Great writing! Oh the novel I could write from the conversations I’ve had with myself when trying to roll out of bed in the mornings…My favorite is telling myself that I’ll lie in bed with my eyes open just a few more minutes.

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    1. Thank you for your kind and flattering comment….and, I love that you can relate…I’d love to read of some of those conversations you have with yourself…I can only imagine how charming and entertaining they are 🙂 Thank you for reading and liking my post 🙂


  4. I recently had a wander through some of the original work of Dr.Seuss, it was showing (for free!) at a downtown art gallery space and titled, ” The art of Dr.Seuss Collection”, his work is full of fantasy and so many lovely, little details, it was a joy to behold them. I invited my Mom to come along and we had a wonderful afternoon, it was a nostalgic pick for me as well, I remember reading his beloved books over and over as a child! Your post is written as if I was turning the pages of a Dr.Seuss book, I loved every minute!!

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      1. This morning I was thinking about your post(s) and how interesting it would be to see your words in a book with quirky drawings (like our Dr.Seuss!), perhaps drawings that one could colour in (!), we need a new voice to fill the void that Dr. Seuss has left behind!

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      2. I can’t get this comment out of my head (which is why I waited before responding)…first, thank you for your immensely complimentary comment…I wasn’t sure if you meant it as a compliment, or a literal suggestion…but, it caught me off guard and has me wondering if it is the height of arrogance to take it as a literal suggestion. I am wondering how to begin to entertain the notion of being open to the possibility of compiling my writings into an “adult” children’s book…one of my friend in the blogging community came up with that expression (adult-children’s stories) and it excited me so much because that is exactly how I see my blog posts…I’m not really expressing myself clearly, I’m afraid…and, it is because I am still trying to wrap my head around the possibilities–while not knowing what they are. I am going to work on freeing my mind and letting more messages direct my next steps….something tells me your words are a HUGE gift…transformative…setting me on a course I wouldn’t have thought of on my own. Thank you….from the bottom of my heart 🙂 Please keep sharing….oh, how much fun it would be to see quirky drawings that correspond to my words…I’m going to pray about it 🙂 I hope you have a great day….thanks again!

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      3. Hey, I’m feeling the same about your wonderful compliments, food for thought from the blogging world! Yes, this is a literal suggestion and I’m glad to have played a small part – for quirky drawings/illustrations check out my boyfriend Terry’s niece’s work, you can find her on the web under, Melanie Schultz Illustrations. Happy exploring!

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      4. I’ve just sent Melanie a Facebook message–letting her know about the conversation between you and I….I asked her if I could hire her to draw an illustration inspired by what she read…I’ll keep you posted. Whatever her decision, I can’t thank you enough 🙂

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      5. You are not going to believe this, I just came back from a lovely visit back east (in Ontario) and was able to spend some time with Melanie. Perhaps your ears were burning, I did pass on your comments and interest in her work – Terry & I were thrilled to have a peek at her studio space and purchased two of her illustrations. Her illustrations are breathtaking and full of beautiful detail! I think you & I have another connection, I did not realize that you live in New Brunswick – I’m an army brat and lived in Oromocto for two years many moons ago! I hope this note finds you well!

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      6. Okay…I am freaking out inside….this just feels like destiny! I actually grew up in Ontario….about an hour from Paris. And, currently, live about an hour from Oromocto. And, thank you sooooo much for giving Melanie a heads-up…it shows that she hasn’t seen my message yet and I think I sent it 10 days ago. let me know if you’ve posted anything you’d like me to read and I will pop over 🙂 And, thanks again. 🙂

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      7. No pressure, but I’ve nominated for the 3 Quotes in 3 Days challenge….
        If you are up for it, post 3 quotes, 3 days in a row (doesn’t have to start today) and, on each of the days, nominate 3 people to do the same 🙂

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  5. The mind sometimes feels stupider than we think. Keeps wanting a break, keeps wanting a break, and when the break comes, now it wants to get back to work ASAP because of the things you miss. I love my mind too, but there are times like that where I wish I could smack it around with a wrench and throw it in the boot of my car.

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    1. Sorry to take so long to thank you….I’ve been unplugged (literally) for almost two months, but, having moved, settled in, had my computer fixed, and the internet installed Friday, I am gratified to reconnect. I’m on my way over to see your latest post 🙂


    1. You have such a wonderful way of expressing yourself…such a pleasure to hear from you….thank you for thinking of me, and for taking the time to read what I share….and for you loyal encouragement 🙂


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