(July 9/16: Mini “P”) “Bright-Side Up”

Context: A) Simply–and broadly–put, regression  can be defined as taking two steps forward, and three steps back…which brings you back to square one.

For example, Step 3: Being assertive/speaking your mind–and announcing, “I am a skylight!“.

Step 2: Being assertive/speaking your mind…then, bowing to pressure, back-pedalling–and falling off your try-cycle.

Step 3: Being a door mat and politely wondering if people would mind wiping their shoes before they walk all over you (a sure sign that you don’t know you’re meant to be a star (skylight).

B) “Which-ee” (another of my puns) is defined as indecisive.


(And you don’t even have to fight your way to the smothered and neglected, left-behind section of my closet…

find the shoe-box camouflaged with clutter…

jimmy the floorboard below…

retrieve the inconspicuous, (wall) flower-covered, fuchsia, faux-suede book emblazoned with the word–DIARY (*lest there be any doubt)…

search the underside of the shoe-box (*where I could have sworn I taped the key!)

find nothing…

jimmy the lock (with a bobby pin…top of my dresser)…

and violate the sanctity of my innermost thoughts 🙂 )

Dear, Dire Me:

I may have overshare-to-spare, but, as long as I’ve got writing, all is write with the world 🙂

Case in point, soon after waking, I felt crabbiness pinching a nerve—but, even as it occurred to me to rudely tell myself I was feeling witchy, I quickly tossed the thought to my imagination…

Here’s what Imogen came up with…

Regression–A.K.A., “There’s A Wane In My Gain”:

Step 3. ’So which-ee today…but, I’ve decided to get over it.

Step 2.‘So which-ee today….I think.

Step 1.‘I think—I’m which-ee.

I can’t stay mad at us (or others….or life) when I’m (modestly 🙂 ) congratulating us on our zany cleverness!

You see, the upside, of the downside, is–when we make a zealous determination to be happy–we’re likely to overshoot the mark…and end up happier than we thought possible…

So–bad start, to a good day, averted….score one for positivity! 🙂

By-the-(good) bye…and, note to self:

Don’t feel the need to beat us up if you don’t succeed at s-witch-ing things up, 100% of the time.  Believe me, we are very much aware of how challenging positive re-frames can be!

(Look back on our two-page (single-spaced) rant about how we’ll never take Lola Montgomery’s advice again…that magenta jumpsuit was an epic failure and….well, I don’t need to tell you how that whole thing turned out!)

Until next time…(*end of journal entry).

Thanks for being here, Wonder-fuls…eye’m glad to see that you’re increasingly knows-ey 🙂

God Bless You 🙂

P.S. Thanks to Elune Bleu’s lovely comment, when thanking her, I came up with the word “s-witch-y”…so, I added it to the post.  Check her blog out…it’s as wonderful as she is 🙂

P.P.S. Usually, I don’t skip a beat when it comes to deciding on any number of things.(which is in stark contrast to  a certain loved-one who agonizes over menu choices like the fate of the free world is at stake 🙂 ).

However, when it comes to which words to use–and when–I can spend sooooooo much time and effort, all to come back to the word, or phrase, that I had decided to “improve upon” in the first place!

Do you find the same is true of you…whether making every-day decisions, or when it comes to your calling/passion (writing, taking photos, drawing, creating  and/or following recipes, etc.)?




31 thoughts on “(July 9/16: Mini “P”) “Bright-Side Up”

  1. Lol, you made me chuckle. I woke up this morning feeling “crap-ee.” I suppose I could’ve done a better job of “switch-eeing” it around, lol.
    Cute post. 😛


    1. Bless your heart 🙂 Your comment made me smile…thanks for that…crap-ee…too funny…and, hey, let’s be real, we can all do a better job of s-witch-ing things around…but, who has the time and energy 100% of the time…hey, thanks to you, I am s-witch-ing just occured to me…I’m going to add it to my post (and will give you the credit for inspiring it)! 🙂

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  2. You know, moving bottom side up, I had a similar conundrum at school with multiple choice questions…finish, pleased, times left, recheck, change, pleased, recheck, convert back to originals… In righting my writing similar things happen…be that word good, no….open on-line thesaurus and spend an age traumatising until the first word turns into the best one after all. A rite of passage in righting writings so to speak…or type….unless the dictational voice to text thing is on, in which case you talk to write; in which case…so to speak works and my dilemma of first word is probably right word is exposed once more as best fit….

    Eeeing reminds of an expression up north from here too… Ee by gum, I think it was made into an Inbred song….which might, on first readings suggest an ‘in’ dough used to make bread…except that would be wrong, although ‘in bread’ could constitute my own domesticity in the making thereof…. Eye by gum, I digress…

    I never have kept a dire read either….well, except a fishing one, for carp catches and a mental anthology of memoirs which mature over time and require a moment to begin shaping with wrong words, that will turn out to be the right ones, and accrue into chapters of piscatorial reminisce…

    As always Truly, a truly scrumptious (not used that in a while) post….😊

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    1. First off….hahahaha…delightful response…secondly, you understood my point completely and it’s gratifying to know that you can relate. 🙂 Thank you for your entertaining and supportive contribution…I’m blessed to have you in my corner 🙂

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      1. Thus far, I feel I have understood most of your posts…or at least rambled until somewhere, chance steps in and settles upon the right writes….and thereby try to concoct something in keeping with the madness without….still feels like I’ve known you forever 😊

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  3. What a journey! First the search to uncover the diary. Than the process to reveal its content only to learn the mysteries of life from a TRULY gifted perspective. Always love your content and your unique manner in sharing so many different types of messages with flair and style. May I suggest getting out of the bed tomorrow using the other side to see if this perspective reveals life any differently! 🙂
    Wishing you at least as much happiness as you bring to other lives.

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    1. You humble and amuse me in one fell swoop….thank you for your ever-gracious-feedback…it is so affirming and generous…and so very kind and appreciated…you’ve brightened my day 🙂 Also, I will roll out of the other side of the bed, and see if it frees up time for basking-in-the-splendour-of-the-morning…oh, and I almost forgot to tell you…I love the Three Stooges…then link you sent me made reference to women not getting the appeal of even one Stooge…but, I love them all (especially Larry, Curly, and Moe) 🙂

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      1. I saw BOTH entire plays, “The Male Intellect, An Oxymoron” and “The Male Intellect, The 2nd Coming” and am considering suing for the permanent wrinkles (also known as “crows feet”) caused by two hours of non-stop laughter in each production. 😀
        WOW, a lover of the top 3 stooges; I knew you were special!! 🙂

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      2. I saw him in Charlotte, North Carolina. He claimed a third “part” was in the making but that was several years ago.
        As far as my sense of humor is concerned, my first wife might have a different opinion. (LOL)

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  4. Very true indeed, and yet another spindle that seems to link us together. Who are you really, that seems to be looking through my soul window while describing your own? Keep shining, keep reflecting, and by all means…keep writing.

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    1. Thank you for this wonderful comment….it makes me so gratified to know that I made any small difference in your day…that is huge…I really appreciate that you shared this with me…it is heartwarming 🙂

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    1. Thanks for reading and showing interest! 🙂 As for your question,
      It’s just something that occurs to me…the puns/wordplay. So, when I was thinking that I wasn’t in a good mood, I knew I had to find a way to talk myself out of it–and choose to have a good day. Then, witchy occurred to me–and my imagination just took it from there. Given that so many English words are homonyms, it’s easy for me to play with their meaning….so, if you can change the noun “witch” into a verb, there’s no reason why I couldn’t make a verb out of which….thereby, changing the whole context and sidestepping a negative connotation/self-assessment…and, the rest of the post just evolved around that seed…does that make sense to you?


  5. Wow, whatever hides in that diary, must be truly well hidden. 🙂 Ooh, unlock the potential of a whole host of experiences to see the light of day. I can’t wait to see what happens if you do.

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    1. I’m glad I made you smile…in truth, there is no actual diary….but, when I was much younger, I did have one. Now, I just record my thoughts in a Word document on my laptop…then, I use creative writing and my imagination to come up with an entertaining way of sharing what I am thinking about….I’m on my way to your blog to see if you have posted anything new 🙂


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