About Me (Part B)…Covering my bases…

Metaphorically speaking…

Part B: The casual/at-home-me (*read as–lounging on the couch with a cozy faux fur throw and a cup of tea or hot chocolate, while wearing flannel pajamas and fuzzy socks…and, without a care in the world).

I loved Lady Gaga’s début album (“Edge of Glory” is one of my fav’s); I was delighted to be so excited about an artist again when I first heard “Rolling in the Deep” (Adele); John Legend’s “All Of Me (Loves All of You)” is spectacular; Bruno Mars music is euphoria- inducing; and when a song occurs to me, it stays with me all day (no matter if it’s one from childhood or recently discovered)…

I’m a fan of many things old-school

I love Will Ferrell/his movies, but my favorite is a tie between “Blades of Glory” and “Step Brothers”.  I went nuts over “Ace Ventura Pet Detective”, but my favorite Jim Carey movie is “Dumb and Dumber” (I’ve watched it at least 10 times). Back in the day, I loved Richard Pryor movies–especially he and Gene Wilder together–and I love Eddie Murphy in “Beverly Hills Cop” (all 3 versions, but the first is my fav).

I love all things Pixar….

On my drive to work, I love listening to the same 70’s 80’s and 90’s radio station…I am especially exuberant (*read as–shamelessly animated*) when Reo Speedwagon, Journey, Pat Benatar, Blondie,  The Go-Go’s, Bob Seger, Rod Stewart, The Rolling Stones, Billy Joel, and Brian Adams come on…

I get giddy when I hear old-school Michael Jackson (pre-“Thriller”), am still in love with Lover Boy (“Turn Me Loose” is probably my favorite song of their’s), and I hold a special place in my heart for Donna Summer and early Whitney Houston…

I love rock music, too…

I still love the books discovered in childhood (especially Judy Bume’s)–and Stephen King, Dean Koontz, and Robert McCammon are at the top of my list of  favorite authors…

The thing that never fails to make me laugh hysterically is funny dancing in movies and sitcoms–Martin Lawrence is probably the funniest funny dancer I’ve ever seen; and when Ross and Monica confessed/did their dance routine (on “Friends”) I laughed so hard, and they finally won me over…

People running, stumbling then falling (in comedies) gets me every time–and, the intense look on Colombo’s face when he was precariously running downhill to the scene of an accident had the same effect. It was all the funnier for how serious he was…I laughed and laughed!!! 🙂

My favorite meal is Christmas dinner (turkey etc.)…

My favorite colour is twilight blue (I also think of it as Harry Potter blue–it’s inky blue with a hint of violet).

I can see the most amazing blanket of stars from every room in my house 🙂

My favorite thing in nature is probably trees…especially Weeping Willows and apple orchards…

Well, that’s all for now…take care 🙂

I’ll post my regular/weekly post tomorrow…

8 thoughts on “About Me (Part B)…Covering my bases…

  1. I have yet to find your posts not sending me into the hallowed Alice in Wonderland script in search of anecdotes upon the subject of Hatters and tea parties. Terrible lead into the subject of tea, or hot chocolate – drink or old school band…although I am uncertain whether at school they did in fact form the band…I digress..tea..camomile is my preference. Not that that is relevant on the grand scheme of things but you were non-specific in tea type…as was Lewis Caroll in reference to the tea party. Little things but highly relevant for the conspiracy theory genre. Although if there had been tea then shrunk Alice would not only have suffered burns but may well have drowned and the story would have been very short…thus matching her shortness, well at that point in the book. I have now totally lost the point of why I was going to comment…but I’ve started so I’ll finish…which, oddly is an old school game show catch phrase. It thus appears old school and tea are my linkers here. Rock music I get also…very much so in fact along with lost years when goth music and dark rooms gave solace to the naff times. And I mean Goth music proper..not emo tantrum stuff….old school you see… Trees are good also but so are rocks. Impossible ones dragged miles and placed in circles for reasons nobody really understands but love guessing at. Old ruins too where the atmosphere breathes ghosts at you in some temporal flux… I think I should cease now because a ramble is looming….and my own blog beckons with a new theme and layout…another mystical connection but not dragged many miles although going round in circles seems to be my connection with that bit….

    You are quite mad you know 😜


    1. I am not sure how I missed this…it seems to me that I read and replied…but, there is no evidence of it….hmmm…anyway, sorry about that….thank you for sharing….I so enjoy getting to know more and more about you….and, I certainly see the appeal in rocks 🙂 And, another mystical connection is the one that brought you and I into same place and time, and for that, I will be forever grateful, my friend 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I think it’s possibly to do with volume of information, increasing emails and the beast known as time! Don’t worry I probably miss loads but remain happy in ignorance at not knowing! It is odd how random encounters lead to unexpected friendships though….mystical indeed 😊


  2. Very true indeed, music is analgesic. I remember when I came back from a big trip overseas last year I couldn’t pluck myself out of the nostalgia-inducing song that is Faded. I’m still hooked🙂


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