(July 13/19) “Misery Can Become Ms. Seryne” :)

Dear Wonderfuls,

(Context: I’ve come out the other side of such a long, long process of finding a way to be my own best friend; and I’m sharing because your voice matters…I’m sharing in case it helps… I’m sharing because others were there for me and I know what an amazing difference it continues to make…I haven’t forgotten where I came from/how far from there I am….challenges can bring out your awesome if you learn to see them for what they are….one day, the pain you feel will be in the past, and you will experience a greater appreciation for the peace that is meant for you. <3)

What follows is written for an imaginary audience…

“How you’ve misjudged me all these decades…and allowed your eyes to glaze over when I sought genuine connection with you…

You made snide remarks you thought went over my head, and mistook my enthusiasm for ditzy naivete…

You used your power to re-frame my emotional intelligence and empathy…used it to shut me down and out…

You spoke over me and cut me off…and thought you’d won…

But, I am more courageous than you will ever know….than you have ever dared to be!!!

Do you know what it’s taken to get past all the accusations that I ramble. that I’m gullible… obnoxiously optimistic….?

Do you know what it’s taken to open my mouth when I’ve been unsure of what will come out…when I’ve been afraid that my sensitive voice would break…that my wounded voice would surface…that my face would crumple in that way that makes me feel naked, alone….and, humiliated?

And, I don’t say this to hurt you…I forgive you…you have wounds of your own, and I can relate…

That’s my sensitivity at play–the sensitivity you readily dismissed as a character flaw to be hardened, and bullied into conformity…the sensitivity that makes me a threat…

And, before you sneer and ask why you would ever fear the likes of me–the answer is in your response…

For, if you liked yourself even a little, you wouldn’t have been so hurtful to someone who repeatedly offered you kindness…someone who saw the beauty in you and simply wanted to be your friend…”

God bless you and your loves, treasures… 🙂




3 thoughts on “(July 13/19) “Misery Can Become Ms. Seryne” :)

  1. What a lovely surprise to see your words pop up on my feed this morning…it sounds like you’ve made your way to the other side, it’s hard work to feel our way through the pain that is flung our way. Welcome back and glad to read that all is well, Truly!


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