(Jan.6/19) “A Snowflake-Blurt In A Blizzard Of Swirling Thoughts/Emotions” (less than 100 words)…

(Context: Feeling “Blah”…)

Here’s the thing, winter…I don’t want to point fingers…I don’t mean to sound accusatory…but, if the icicle fits, then POINT made…

(*Also, thanks in advance for your understanding and patience…you know that, once my heart thaws, I’ll again appreciate opportunities unique to you πŸ™‚ *)

P.S. Hello, friends…I can’t find it in me to complete the nearly-finished “usual-type post I’ve been adding to for weeks…so, I will share what I can, as I can…because I really miss connecting with you…and, I figure there is value in any little thing we share from the heart. πŸ™‚




11 thoughts on “(Jan.6/19) “A Snowflake-Blurt In A Blizzard Of Swirling Thoughts/Emotions” (less than 100 words)…

    1. Happy New Year, Judy!!!! πŸ™‚ Thanks for your kindness…I will be sure to “drop by” in the coming days…currently, I am busy trying to embrace and move through emotions triggered, largely, by empathetic responses to others’ struggles at this time of year…wishing moments of abject peace and joy πŸ™‚

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  1. Why hello there, Truly! I’ve just had a soothing tea and decided to put off going outside to wander our beautiful WordPress world…I’m so glad to see your words even if they’re less than 100! My father passed away on October 1st and I’m agonizingly slow in posting, I’m amazed that two pieces were posted despite my world turning sideways with another on the way that I’m tweaking (like yourself!) in between hot chocolates!

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    1. I can’t even begin to express how sorry I am to hear of your father’s passing….months ago? Oh, I have been away for so long, my friend….I am praying for you….and sending healing vibes and love and light…I will “stop by” in the coming days when I can do justice to what you share and how you share it….take care, Kim ❀

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      1. Thank you, Truly…I’ve been very blessed here in our WordPress world and here in my small corner of the world having received many kind words and loving thoughts from so many…each word has been a balm and has helped me to carry on! I’ve been thinking of you and hope this brand new year brings you much happiness and peace…

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      2. I recently had a dream of hugging my father and often I dream of petting my beloved tabby whom I lost many years ago to cancer…it’s a beautiful gift to have those dreams, they tell me that when we lose someone or a pet we love, in our dreams, we can still reach out and touch them.

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      3. Yes….I haven’t dreamed of Frosty yet…but, I still accidentally/reflexively call one of my other dogs by his name sometimes…and it makes me smile…and, many songs bring him to mind and that makes me especially happy because both have such a profound impact on my heart πŸ™‚

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  2. This was just about the best blurt snowflake that ever hit me inna eye! Glad I happened to be strolling by when I did. May the blizzard of swirling emotions coalesce into a warm gentle breeze that drops marshmallows in your hot cocoa… πŸ‘πŸ’ͺ😊


    1. I just love your comments…you always warm my heart, Mark….8 days into 10 days of “staycation” has done the trick, and–rested and refreshed–I am feeling really good. I just read your latest post and commented…I so appreciate how engaging/engaged you are….thanks for being you πŸ™‚


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