(March 10/18) “Admission”

(Good morning, Wonderfuls…today’s (brief) sharing is an elaboration on a blurt I posted on Facebook a couple weeks ago…I’m not sure about you, but I need a reminder that better weather/days were here, and will be again 🙂 )

Today I opened my front door to let my dogs Frosty and Jubilee out, and swallowed a gasp as the morning air hit me with a big blast of…


I waited a couple seconds for the all-clear, and was relieved by an internal thumbs up…

“Yep, we’re feeling just fine”, my mind registered–confirmation that my eyes weren’t telling the whole story.

Granted, undeterred by my season-long rebuffs, mucky snow  mounds were sentinels flanking driveway curbs as though, in anticipation of numbered days, the hardiest flakes had stockpiled their reserves…stubborn remnants of dirty weather-bombs.

And dotting the landscape–greige, unadorned, and steadfast in their refusal to collude in winter’s antics–front yard trees were holding to their reserved natures; saving their finery for those precious months dominated by sunny enthusiasm.

But astonished relief persisted, for ambivalent snowflakes powdered the sidewalks in etch-a-sketchy swaths…wispy, noncommittal brush strokes.

And prodded by my divided attention, I noticed that my exhalations weren’t accompanied by frigid foggy puffs.

As for the sky’s pallor…typically reflective of an ill wind…it defied the odds.

And speaking of the wind…it was a breeze!

That’s all it took to unleash bounding hope.  Inspired to let bygones be bygones, I–with a slight and chagrined smile–admitted this to winter.

“There was something appealing about those days when your snow was fluffy enough for mittened-hands to swipe snowfall from my car windows…and, hot chocolate never tasted so good as when you did your worst…and shoveling had its moments…so…well…thanks for that…maybe (just maybe) I was a bit unfair to you.” 🙂




14 thoughts on “(March 10/18) “Admission”

  1. You know, I tell myself that I’m ready for Spring… Warm sunshine, dandelion takeovers, and dock- fishing… I know that as soon as the blood-sucking vermin (ticks and mosquitos) start their summer feasting, and the sun-dial reaches scorching (anything above 75 degrees fahrenheit), I’m going to beg for winter’s wrath to come back.. Coffee, baked potato soup and fresh baked bread all taste better when your breath freezes and snowflakes are dancing to the ground. What a delightful post! Thanks for sharing!

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      1. I appreciate the sentiment…maybe I am learning… from you? 🙂

        -ambivalent snowflakes powdered the sidewalks in etch-a-sketchy swaths…wispy, noncommittal brush strokes.-

        Maybe it’s because I live in a snow packed state but… I read this line and immediately pictured the kind of snow that was wonderfully beautiful but the bitter cold brings you back inside, forcing you to watch from the warmth of your home..

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  2. I have no idea what it is like to live in your frigid world of winter, but reading this post brought such a smile to my face. I love your use of language to paint a sweet picture – your words capture such tender emotions. Thank you, Truly. I almost wish I could have been in Canada reading this.
    Lol, I played tennis last week and it was fairly hot here in California. It’s rainy today and I love it!

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    1. Oh, Judy, you are just so sweet and warm…thank you for blessing me with the knowing that I brought a beautiful smile to your lovely face…as for never having experienced a snowy winter, wow! I would love to live somewhere warm all year round, but would make a point of spending 3 weeks in an idyllic winter setting every year. Snow can be sooooo beautiful, and I particularly love boots and wooly sweaters…and fall/winter colors (deep jewel tones). Having said that, I am so happy for you…today snow is everywhere… 🙂

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  3. My bad for so many reasons and up in front is not popping over half as much as I should be! I so empathise with that opening door and smelling spring after long months with short days and grim skies. Mind you last weekend here it was all undone with snow and bitter winds that ground things to an abrupt halt. A week later and you’d never have know it happened!

    Still, the days are now lighter and I’m looking forward to some heat and sunlight that draws out leaves and greenery from slumber.

    I do hope all is well my dear friend

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  4. What a beautiful love letter to winter…I’ve been thinking about you out east with those huge storms thundering in…it’s pure joy when that first hit of spring’s coming nudges us out of our dens…here’s to spring and more of your lovely letters!


  5. Beautifully written… you “truly” have a gift for words and expressing things in a way that makes one feel or at least completely relate to what you felt… (I have said all of this before… )

    I am not as kind as you… and I am not going to let “bygones be bygones”… I still don’t like winter…. even with the mild winter I experienced this year.

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    1. Thank you so much…I really appreciate your feedback…it feels great to know that my words invoke feeling and/or relatability…that’s the kind of connection I hope to facilitate…not the sense that you are spectators, but that we are sharing a moment in time together. As for winter, boy, give it an inch and it takes a mile. We’ve had 2 storms in less that a weeks, and yesterday’s antics were enough to shred my nerves (the brief drive home was a nail biter and I had to take a taxi today…no way was I going to risk being stuck here at 4:30). Anyway, thank you for brightening my day with your kindness. 🙂


      1. I love reading your posts… and envy your artistry with words….(I had a call out for your blog in a couple posts before the Petra ones…. You can find it in the second hospital post… If I remember correctly)


  6. Well, dear Truly…as a woman of the sun, I am not that forgiving to father winter. He was gone, spring arrived and today he decided to be back for a few days. I want him to go! I have enough of the cold and need the warm sun cherishing my face again 😉
    Sending you a big hug again, XxX


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