(May 21/17) “Me, Myself and…Why Ya’ Tryin’ To Steal My Sunshine?”

What?! Two posts in two days?  Who are you, you inspired creature…you go-getter….you dazzling exemplification of radiant and splendiferous discipline?

Um, note to self, take it down a notch or ten…you’re posting, not writing the next Nobel Prize winning novel.

Yeh, and while I is taking me down a peg (Bundy), how about getting off your high (heeled) horse, wiping that silly smirk off your face, click-clopping your way to the kitchen and making us some breakfast…now, that would be an accomplishment to brag about (and a first).

Oh, me, oh I–not even you can get to us today!  I mean, come on–have you seen that sun?  It quells like victory…a reward lofted on high for just such a trio as we!”

Well, she does have a point, says me (even if she is making it in that antiquated kind of speaking she does when she’s feeling (story) bookish)…

Yeh, I think I must agree, says I.  After all, it’s not everyday that she—okay, we—wake up feeling this amazing.

And, Wonderfuls, this great mood explains how I found myself rocking back and forth like a turtle on its back this morning–reaching side-to-side in search of….oh, Lord, this didn’t sound so awkward when first I thunk the thought….reading glasses.

Yes, yes, reading glasses…

And, as I groped and flailed (a duet of opposite arms reaching across my body, blindly searching for the visionaries determined to make a (drugstore) spectacle of me), I immediately thought of George Costanza clumsily grasping for his glasses (coincidentally, in bed and fresh on the heels of sticking his foot in his mouth ).

Which just goes to prove you’ve got to take the good with the bad.

After all, it was just this week that I enthused to one and all, “This is my year!!!”  Giddy (up) with smug relief, I added that I was going one better than George when he announced, “This is the summer of George!”.

The few workmates in my office didn’t get the reference…(*”Really, no Seinfeld fans among you?”*)

Not judging mind you…”Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

And, for those of you who don’t follow (or remember), George’s declaration was inspired by his severance package from a stint with the Yankees—and I, my friends, have severed my association with the winter blahs, blues, and hullabaloos.

Although, I shouldn’t over-simplify my mood-shift by blaming Winnidread for my uncharacteristic snow-bawling…ah, to heck with it…I’m gonna take a page from this new chapter and (green) leave it at that 🙂

Which is also why I won’t be including a P.S.  context for any obscure wordplays (although italics alert you of their presence)…my intention is that you’ll understand enough to see me for who I am–and I figure there’s no harm in leaving something to the imagination 🙂

So, back to the reading glasses…I’ve needed them for a while now, perhaps for/4 months…and, while I’m alternating between scapegoating and sunny-gloating, I blame it on hours and hours of staring at a computer.  Between recording session notes at work, Kobo reads—and reading and writing blog posts—my chickens have come home to roost…and, the Peg in me is not a welcoming homemaker.

Why is it that we resist change?

(*And, how did “Married With Children” last for 10 years?  And, why am I asking that question when I undoubtedly watched it enough for the Peg reference to crop out of my subconscious and onto the page?

Nope, not going down that particular rabbit hole…I’m gonna keep it simple, and focus on what’s helpful.*)

So, the question becomes:

Why do we instinctively resist the easy changes that would do us immediate good (such as grabbing a pair of glasses) while we go out of our way to don hip-waders and bog ourselves down in anxiety-producing pursuits.

(*Can I get an “Amen” from any over-thinkers out there?*)

Or, is it just me?  ‘Anybody else ever woken in the wee hours of the morning and immediately fought to remember what you just know you forgot to do the day before?

Then, having come up with a bonus botch or two, you tirelessly wrestle with your inability to get back to sleep in hopes you’ll be somewhat prepared to take on these (and other anticipated) Herculean challenges to come?

(*Excuse me, Fabulosos, I’ll be back in a sec…*)

“Okay, me, myself, and I—while I’m loving our enthusiasm, we seem to be slipping on the icy slope of Winter whining…and, with all due respect, it’s May (we please move on?)!”

“Hey, says myself, why are you dragging me through the mud (bog)?  The two of us are basking in the joy of sunny days and garden delights!”

“Yeh”, says me, “what gives?  Also, I’d like to thank myself for having my back”

Alright, alright, it looks like I need to take responsibility for the choices I make.

And, although I said I’d let it go, I feel bad about maligning Winnidread.  In future, I’ll refer to her as Win, instead…for, she did set the scene for me to realize that discovering ones true calling can make one’s here-and-now seem quite unbearable at times…

Whereby, having glimpsed the promised land (on your feet), one becomes highly-critical of one’s current standing—and forgets to cherish every moment of the life and lessons that will enable us to remain on higher ground when our ship (para) sails in.

So, that’s me today, Dazzlers.  I hope you find worth in my offering; for you are invaluable and so appreciated.  Until next time….

God bless you and your loves 🙂

Affectionately, Truly 🙂

P.S.  Thanks to my wonderful friend, Adam…his blog is one of my favorites and I’m sure you will love it too…his kind comment on yesterday’s post (read today) spurred me to harness my joy and write this one…proof that you never know what your words will mean to someone 🙂


P.S.S. If you’d like, here’s the link to yesterday’s post 🙂






18 thoughts on “(May 21/17) “Me, Myself and…Why Ya’ Tryin’ To Steal My Sunshine?”

  1. GO “Summer of Truly”… just don’t slip on an invitation…. That episode also made me fear Rachel Welch… she was so mean. Plus… I remember looking in windows as I walked to make sure that I swing my arms…

    I know your post was much deeper… but sometimes I like to stay in the shallow water.

    Thanks for mentioning me… and also thanks for helping me remember a great episode of Seinfeld…

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    1. I love that you take from my posts what you enjoy…it makes me feel like an artist to know that there are enough layers for others to custom-make the experience! Thank you 🙂 As for that Seinfeld episode…that Elaine….I can’t decide if I love her or just kinda’ like her…but, thinking of her yelling, “Your bald!” or making that horrible fax machine noise makes me think I just might love that mean girl 🙂

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  2. ha ha ha love the new summer Truly … I thought they were just re running the pilot of M with kids … shocked it managed two seasons! Maybe gluing those glasses to the nose might help? I couldn’t live without my readers … 🙂

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    1. Nope, 10 whole years of new episodes…although, it seems to me they were all very much alike….however, I didn’t watch often, so it’s probably not fair of me to generalize my viewing experience to the entire run of shows… and thanks for the love 🙂

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  3. Why do we resist change?? Because we still haven’t really made friends with what’s so – and now we have to do it in our rear view mirror *while* we make friends with a whole new so – lol. Seriously, there are brain-based reasons, but I’ll save it for a blog post or eighty! 🙂

    When I left NYC I couldn’t watch Seinfeld anymore without crying. It made me literally ache with homesickness for New York, The Seinfeld diner is on upper-upper Broadway – *right* down the street from where I used to live on 106th St. (and near my all-night grocery store!) Been there *many* times. (I share your view of Elaine, btw.)

    As for reading glasses – HSN. One of their sales-star clothing “designer” people (???) sells them in lots of 6 pairs (one sunglasses) in a little holder-tray jobbie I use for other things. She even includes little cloth bags for each pair so you can throw them in your purse without scratching the lenses. Helluva deal. The frames are each different colors, if it matters to you to match whatever you’re wearing (or even if it doesn’t).

    When she has a sale you can get them for about 3 or so bucks a pair – which makes all 6 cheaper than a single pair at the drugstore. I bought two sets, sprinkled them *everywhere* and I can always lay my hands on at least one when I need them, which seems to be all the time now. I resist my EYES changing!!!
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
    ADD/EFD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
    “It takes a village to educate a world!”

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    1. How incredible….you actually lived in NY and have been to the actual diner?! How colorful it all must have been! If you don’t mind (and not to pry) but what made you move? And, here’s a sidebar about glasses…I watched a Deepak Chopra video today, and he is wearing these awesome glasses that have sparkly frames (just the upper part…subtle, but twinkle beautifully as he turns his head even the slightest). Lastly….that Elaine…I want to consistently love her–since she is the lone woman in an ensemble of male characters–but it’s hit or Miss 🙂

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      1. L-o-n-g story short: I lived in a large rent-stabilized apartment for almost 2 decades, and was illegally evicted by 6 goons who banged on my door, barged in and started packing up my stuff the moment I opened the door (one had “official” papers that, upon checking, turned out to be illegal as well).

        It happened *just* after all the offices had closed for the day, making it impossible for me to get what they call “an order to show cause” that would have prevented it.

        The lawyer I consulted said it would probably take 3 years for my case to come to court, that it would cost FAR more than I could afford and – get this – thanks to political collusion, the law said I couldn’t get the apartment back even if I won (which he said I surely would have) – AND I couldn’t recover punitive damages!

        I spent some time “homeless” (couch-surfing as I looked for another NY apartment and investigated recourse), but ultimately decided not to fight it and left the city (another long story).

        The atty. was already representing a wealthy client in the same position – apparently this was the manner in which slumlords gentrified nabes at that time.

        If I won the lottery I’d go back in a heartbeat, even so. I REALLY miss Manhattan.

        I want to love Elaine too, and for the same reason, but I am usually left wondering, with all the amazing comedic actresses available, how she got that role.

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      2. How terrifying….an absolute nightmare! You are such a strong person to get through that and find the determination to keep shining so brightly! Here’s hoping you end up there again one day 🙂

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      3. What a kind and encouraging comment, Truly. Thank you so much.

        I believe, in answering your question, this is the only time I have documented that experience – online, or anywhere, actually. I hesitated before hitting send because I certainly do NOT want anyone to think of me as a complainer.

        I decided to hit send because I ALSO don’t want anyone to think that I do what I do because my life has been one bright and shiny moment after another so I could not possibly understand the challenges faced by others. (Quite the opposite, in fact. My life has changed in a flash, and forever, many times.)

        The challenge -always and for everyone – is to choose how you are going to move forward, and what you will choose as goals among those that are still available to you in your new circumstance.

        I chose service to others – and that has made ALL the difference.

        STILL, I miss NYC like a lover – and would be absolutely thrilled to live out the remainder of my days on the island of Manhattan. I just can’t source my life from the fact that I do not and remain essentially positive – which I have managed to do – most days, anyway.

        I’m guessing we are essentially alike in that way – which is what I’ve most enjoyed about your blog as I clicked around reading your story and watching you declutter.


      4. I understand why you shared, and admire you for doing so…it is proof that pain can have profound purpose that can heal countless…you are making such an important difference. Thank you! 🙂

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  4. Even though I didn’t get the Seinfeld references (I wasn’t a watcher of that show, believe it or not) – I love your language and wordplays, Truly.
    The part about reading glasses had me laughing. Yes, I just had to buy another two pairs. I never have them when I need them and straining to read tiny print makes me grumpy.
    I did watch certain shows, but I guess I never got into that one – I’m sure I missed out.
    Wishing you a wonderful and dazzling day! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Judy…it’s great to know that we can find common ground, regardless of whether or not we have common frames of (specific) reference. I imagined your beautiful smile–brought on by my disclosure–and it made my heart smile (at the thought of you and the thought of the gift I have been given that facilitates connection and smiles–rather than cringing at our human-ness 🙂

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  5. Ooh, an easier conundrum for a mind at war with itself. Resistance to change, or resistance is futile (picture man in red shirt reluctantly on a one way away mission) this is the mindfulness context analogy. Why is MH hard to defeat? the default mind which rest control doesn’t want to relinquish it easily. It prefers the Status Quo and will do anything to cajole the conscious into staying put, thank you very much!

    I think in there is a people analogy; many resist change and are happy doing what normal doings they do and settle into sub-routines that are not quite the routine that could be if the doings were different; more risqué, Jack-out of the box as it were. The word publish returns and my very own example of the above is… I spy a cobweb that needs excising… The shields of failure and avoidance. My bad.

    Winters ended, temperatures are rising so “The Mission” must be to revel in “The Garden Of Delight” and not cycle into “Winters Coming Jon Snow” whilst glancing at The Wall where the White Walkers walk.

    Onwards and upwards !

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    1. Oh, my dear friend….I apologize…I figure I must have seen your comment just as I was getting ready for work, or when I was at work (one of the rare occasions where I checked in) and got distracted by work demands before I could respond–and then forgot to remember to. I regret any angst or confusion my lack of reply might have caused. Your comments are always so well-thought out, generous, and encouraging. Thank you for making a point of alerting me to my slip 🙂

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      1. Fret not Truly; easily done and especially when the mind is distracted. It was just SO coincidental with my avatar change. So thought maybe you had thought “Who’s this nutter?” 🙂

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  6. I haven’t ever seen Seinfeld and this post has made me feel so compelled to! All the overthinking has also been done upstairs,amen! Why do we resist change? Because we are running after the big money! (I hope that was even a tad bit amusing and not entirely pathetic)
    Thank you for writing and making hearts soar and brains run!
    P.S. If you ever write a Nobel prize count me in to buy it!


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