(April 1/17) “These Are My Rock ‘N’ Stroll Love Letters To Yew…”

Context: In celebration of spring (snow bawling far behind me), I think back to a long-long-ago–when this very brand of enthusiasm fueled my adventurous spirit at a time when things were soon to become quite complicated…

and more than a bit messy…

But, rather than focusing on the impending confusion, insecurity, and nagging desperation to come, I choose to remember the me whose imagination had her on high alert for any magical happenstance that might spring out of the blue (or glittery-black of night)…

This retro-perspective is the inspiration for today’s inspiration 🙂

Salutations, Honey Lambs,

“Glory(ous ) Days” such as these take me back to those Saturday’s when  pre-partyin’-prep made for  a day-long celebration of getting ready for a night out!

So, today—as I revisit my second childhood—“I’m back in the saddle (shoes) again”…

And—knowing that, “the (wo)men who hold high places, must be the ones to start to mold a new reality, closer to the heart”—

I’m reframing my youthful antics—

and welcoming the Merry Pop-ins that prompt me to forget semantics.

So, “Here I go again (but thanks to you, Wonderfuls, not) on my own”:

Once upon a “Time—After Time”—this title (brain) wave hit, and everything came together in a Rush.

Now, I’m not sure about you laddies, but I can guess the lassies know from whence I come when I reflect on the angst preceding getting-ready-for-a-night-on-the-town.

(*Okay, okay—not a wild/“Hot Child In The City” among us, it was a night at the roller rink, if you want to split (end) hairs…

But, the point is, even for four innocents, there was a measure of danger….for, there was always the risk of poking oneself in the eye with a Maybeline eyeliner, or Cover Girl mascara wand…or, having your eyelashes weighed down by unsightly tar-like clumps that required a good scrubbing before starting over fresh (faced—and, there was no way we’d be caught dread looking like that!)

(*Additionally, the split hairs pun will make more sense later…but, if you’re feeling impatient, you can immediately tie it  (with a “…yellow ribbon…”) to the semantics reference*)

And, since I’m feelin’ a bit camp this fine spring day,

I’m hoping you’ll indulge me as I “Take It To The Limit (Whee-ee-ee!)”, and go a bit “Grimy, Grease-ee Go-Go’s Nuts”…

(*“What, pray tell, does that even mean?”, you’d be forgiven for asking.

Well, “Heaven Knows”—

then tells me…

and, if you stick with it,

all will become as clear as (Elmer) Fudd as I

make (“Hey, how you doin’?”) fun of a gaggle of boy-crazy

April Fools “Lookin’  foursome hot stuff (struttin’) this evening”—while the sun shines*)

Now, back to the fairy tale…

Sure, wee girls weren’t nearly as cool as we’d hoped; but, I dare to dream….

So, go ahead, reality—“Hit me with your best shot (through the heart”) and you’ll soon find that,

“I’ve got thrills, not multi-sighin’s”, when it comes to memories of “(Workin’ On Some) Night Grooves” at a time when—for most youth—“Night Proves” to be rife with vulnerabilities born of the fickle whims of popularity.

Yep, I have ta’ say, gotta love those halcyon days of blissful ignorance when, “Pilot (, oh pilot”) light was on, but nobody was home

Those, oh-so-special (weekly) occasions when our mischievous 6th sense of humor instinctively told us that, by night’s end, our raucous laughter and exaggerated squeals would reduce us to hoarse whisperers—having dared to take up the challenge of,

“(Make) Hay, Sugar Lumps, let’s take a walk on the wild(-ly outlandish) side!”

Meanwhile, in the light of day…

(sporting only slightly-less than our night time make-up—but, smugly-bedecked with all the confidence of Clark Kent)

we reveled in the Bay City Polar opposite of the looks that nightfall would bring

All except the swagger, that is…we never left home without it 🙂

That stylized bravado fueled our— “Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk”

(to (Super) Tramp my way to and from the beauty parlor…where we could only afford to have our hair done up….but, not taken down even a notch)

that I’ve got no time to talk!”

(*Okay, time out, please…the beauty parlor (and all that follows) is pure fiction in service of the continuing series of prattle tale/porky-pies puns below*)

Picture this—four naïve cuties…

Pepsi platform shoes clomping in time to the beat of our “Heart of Glass” half-full perspective…

And—sacrifice to the split-ends gods—our hair sprayed, piled (and stinkin’) to high heavens—

cushioned in pink spongy (“Roxy) Roller”(s)

—all tied up (in anticipation of party-hearty “Knights) in White Satin” handkerchiefs.

Put another way, we and our dues were rapt/wrapped in anticipation of









Night Fever!

(*Note from me to myself and I:  “Well played on the handkerchief/Bay City Rollers/D.I.Y. pun…well plaid“. 

“What do you mean, ‘We don’t get it’?”  

“The Bay City Rollers are a Scottish band….and they made tartan trendy…and plaid is pronounced pladd, but could pass for played,…just use plain common (word) sense and then it’s funny…and, D.I.Y (instead of D.A.Y.) means, Do It Yourself….as in, make-up artistry and styling our own hair….

Oh, let’s just, forget it…sometimes it’s so hard to understand you…

and, the icing on the (hidden) cake is that I’ve completely lost my train of thought.*)

Anyway, back to the focus I intended to sashay into, Amazers…

I shaped this revisionist anecdote all to make the point that,

back in the days when I didn’t have much more than a license to uphill,

one of my driving goals was to end up in a head-(not-so-straight) on collision with all manner of happy accidents…

“So”, decades later, I’m still a hopelessly-hopeful dreamer….urging  the the long-ago adolescent in me to,

“Stay the course, “Foxy Stroller”—-because one day—in preparation for another kind of going out

you’re going to come in to your own,

and have “Breakfast In America

before your book signings for any number of best sellers 🙂

As ever, Eternals, your companionship and willingness to connect leaves me blissfully grateful…

God bless you and your loves.

Affectionately, Truly 🙂

P.S. “(This is my) Rock ‘n’ Roll Love Letter (to you)”, Bay City Rollers (1976) hit; yew is a honey lambs pun;Glory Days” is a ( 1984) Bruce Springsteen hit; “Back In The Saddle Again” is a (1976), Aerosmith hit, paving the way for saddle shoes pun (they were back in style, briefly, in the early 80’s as I recall);  “the (wo)men who hold high places…Closer To The Heart”—is a (1977) lyric/song title from Canadian band, Rush; “Here I Go Again (On My Own)” is a (1982) White Snake hit; “Time After Time” is a (1983) Cyndi Lauper hit; Hot Child In The City,  is a (1978) Nick Gilder hit; “Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Old Oak Tree” is a (1973) Tony Orlando & Dawn) hit; camp and “Grease-ee…as I Go Go’s Nuts“ make for puns tied to camp song (“Great Green Gobs Of Grimy, Greasy Gopher Guts”), the movie “Grease” (1978), and The Go-Go’s (band huge in the 80’s) ,  Take It To The Limit” is (1975), The Eagles (1975) hit—if you know it, you get the “Whee-ee-ee!” reference; “Heaven Knows” (1979) Donna Summer hit; “Makin hay while the sun shines” is an expression meaning to do something while the time is right/ideal; Good lookin’ foursome hot stuff struttin’, this evening….is a play on Donna Summer’s (1980) hit “(Lookin’ for some) Hot Suff (baby, this evening)” and a pun referencing the swaggering lead (played by John Travolta) from the (1977) movie Saturday Night Fever; “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” is Pat Benatar’s (1980) hit and (“Shot through the heart…)You Give Love A Bad Name” is Bon Jovi’s (1986) hit; I’ve got thrills….is an–I’ve got chills, they’re multiplyin’…” pun—a lyric from, “You’re the One That I Want” (1978) hit from movie, “Grease”; night grooves and night proves  are puns tied to (“Workin’ on the) Night Moves”, Bob Seger’s (1976) hit; “Pilot (oh, pilot)”, is Canadian singer, Ian Thomas’s, (1979) hit; (Make) Hay, sugar lumps…let’s take an outlandish walk…is a play on  (“Hey, Sugar) Take A Walk On The Wild Side”—Lou Reed’s (1979) hithorses love hay and sugar lumps–this paves way for hoarse /horse-whisper puns; Bay City Polar opposite is Bay City Rollers pun (Scottish boy band, huge in the 70’s); Clark Kent is Superman’s dressed down alter-ego; “Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk…no time to talk” is a lyric from “Staying Alive” ( 1977) hit by The Bee Gees,  from the soundtrack of “Saturday Night Fever” (1979); Super Tramp, is a British Band referenced again at the end; Pepsi shoes were popular in late 1970’s—I dreamed of having a pair!; “Heart of Glass” is Blondie’s (1979) hit; “Roxy Roller”(s) is Nick Gilder’s 1976 hit; “Knights In White Satin” was a Moody Blues hit in 1972 (but, I don’ think I heard it until some years later); S.A.T.U.R.D.A.Y Night! Is the chanted chorus of The Bay City Rollers (1974) hit; “Saturday Night Fever” is the aforementioned (1979) movie; Foxy Stroller” is another “Roxy Roller” pun; licence to uphill is a play on the (1989) James Bond movie “Licence To Kill”; and “Breakfast In America” is Super Tramp’s (1979) album–and, I live in Canada.

P.P.S. Wikipedia is my source for the dates noted (my memory for songs and lyrics is fantastic…not entirely so with dates ).

P.P.S. Icing on the (hidden) cake is an inside joke/thank you for my beyond-wonderful friend, D.



30 thoughts on “(April 1/17) “These Are My Rock ‘N’ Stroll Love Letters To Yew…”

    1. Thank you so very, very much….I am so privileged to have a connection with you….you are so inspirational, and the fact that you “truly feel what I am trying to convey” is such a huge compliment!!!! I am so glad you can tell it comes from my heart. I am on my way over to your “neck of the woods” right now 🙂


  1. Oh, the memories…going to the mall with a Friday paycheque to buy the perfect new outfit for Saturday night… then heading back to the mall the next day, so sleepy, to watch the world go by with all the songs that you mentioned rambling through my head (& heart!). Thank you (again!) for bringing back those lost selves…they are a gift!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Reminds me of the nights I used to take the long way home “on high alert for any magical happenstance….” (I love that). Of course now, it’s a different kind of magic that you haf to believe we are.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Oh dear…a musical spring time celebration that one missed (apologies Rush forth). Once more a fabulous post Truly…I merely began with Oh dear, because…

    It Was A New Day Yesterday…nothing new there, but a suitable intro for what transpired Later, That Same Evening when I found you had, in fact posted this. Alas the previous week was spent Living in The Past and Looking Into The Sun. Of times long gone when Heavy Horses roamed the Velvet Green and right past My Farm on the Freeway. Stormy Monday Blues have me Wondrin’ Aloud, Lights Out, No Rehersal, Old Ghosts and Thinking Round Corners; The Curse….Thick As A Brick…

    It Was…Mayhem, Maybe where Nothing Is Easy or a Piece Of Cake, Sweet Dream(s) and certainly No Lullaby…..

    I digress…and seen to have drifted into creating strangeness from the mighty…well, I feel certain the band name will spring to mind..

    Loved the post and blasts from the past. Rush, as you know, feature in Rose…. Xanadu if it hadn’t clicked. I hope you week has started well 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  4. So now I have to ask…how many of these songs do you own the record of? Lol, you just have such a comprehensive memory of music and lyrics and it shows in your ability to weave these musical puns together so effortlessly.

    “Put another way, we and our dues were rapt/wrapped in anticipation of S-A-T-U-R-D-I-Y” As a crafter, I loved this! Amusing and creative post, as always. Blessed be. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha…I don’t have any albums….I listen to the radio on the 6 minute drive home and that is all I need to keep the fires of old-school songs stoked…for some reason, if I ever knew lyrics, it doesn’t matter how much time goes by, I remember them. And, a big part of the joy of writing these kinds of posts is that songs/lyrics/artist occur spontaneously….thanks for the love…your support is really gratifying 🙂


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