(Nov 19/16) “Thank You For Being A Fred…”

Context: Today’s post is an ode to, true-blue, friendship 🙂

So, by way of  one of my favourite songs,

one of my favourite TV shows,

and an old-school (sticks-and-stones) myth–

here comes “The Twist” that’s as bold as Chubby Checker.

It’s the ultimate expression of an introvert’s devotion to those whose “one love, one heart (“…fits me like a glove“), and makes me “feel all right“.

Additionally (and, as always), italicized words are clues that–

at home in my own little world–

I’m in puppet-master-mode;

so, wordplay is at hand.

(*Cue the puns…*)

“And if you threw a party,

invited everyone you knew,

you would see…”

that I’d find a way to show up anyway…

and, by all means necessary…

‘Cause, even though nuts cause bolts–

(for, they’re often dolts)

Flint-stones will never irk me…

Here we go….

Good morning, Radiaters…and, I mean that sincerely…today is a good thing wrapped in a lovely morning!

That’s not to say I’m automatically a bright and bubbly riser, Fantastics; for,

(as I imagine Popeye might put it)

“Many’s  a time when the light of daze does nuttin’ to (Olive) oil the grindin’ gears of me top-o’-the-mournin’…”

For those of you familiar with my (lessening) bouts of insomnia, you’ll remember that, summoned by my conviction that “night-time is the right time” to give my shortcomings my undivided attention,

I sometimes find myself in Night Court…

 Where, with a pleaful retort, 

I faithfully report,

for (judge and) jury duty.

However, not always contrite/looking to make amends,

there are times when I break out in a (prison-)bluesy version of “Ebony and Apathy”, until…

finding myself on a (Jail House Rock’n‘) roll…

I start “Gettin Jiggy Wit It”…

and saucily declare,

“Just sit right there,

and I’ll tell you how I became the Queen of…

I don’t care…”

And, if I’m feeling especially reckless, I throw caution to the wind and–brandishing  bravado well suited to the likes of a “big (Marlon) fish in a small pond”–I add,

“Let’s hear it for the koi“, ’cause I know “I coulda’ been a contender…”

But, I’m no sucker (punch)!

Here’s what’s gonna happen, see.

I’m gonna sleep late,

I’m not gonna’ “take the morning train…”

I’ll work from eleven to five, and then

and, then…

and, then I’d have to carry dread–lock(ed) around my neck like an albatross…

weighed-down by the stress of showing up late for work.

And that’s why, companions mine, the temptation to rise and wine calls for a–Heaven’s-sake!–retake.

But, to be fair, I try to remember that it is not Dawn’s fault…after all, nighttime is a tough act to follow, given her theatrical  soliloquies and stages of (“Good) grief !”

Consequently, this necessitates that I start off every day by reading–or watching–something inspirational…

Which, belatedly, brings me to the early (and, early-morning) ritual that first inspired effortless morning glory…

Yes, Amazers, from my youngest understandings, I knew that–life being what it was–every day couldn’t be a Sundae

But, every sixth day would definitely be a Saturday…

Which meant a sure-fired,

much admired,

do or dire-d,

no longer tired,

’cause ya’ got me so wired

proliferation of cartoons ..

And, best of the best was The Flintstones!!! 🙂

That show engendered a morning-enthusiasm rivalled only by Christmas…

(*Note To Self: Oh, for the day when my readers as eagerly anticipate the upcoming pages of my stories/books…oh for the day when I reach a level where I have “my readers”…oh for the day when I am published…oh for the day when I finish a book…oh for the day when I finish a story…and, for that to happen, I’d have to get to/stay on point…and, therein, lies the rub…* 🙂 )

So, as I was (not) saying…

I’m an introvert…

Although, for a while there–given how gregarious/heart-on-my-sleeve I am–I thought I was an ambivert (an equal mix of introversion and extraversion).

However, I’ve come to understand that my temperament is not tied, exclusively, to how much of my soul I am willing to share…and, bare…

Rather, it’s about the toll it takes on me…

It’s about how much time is needed for me to find/give myself what I need to replenish my reserves.

And, it’s about who I am willing/able to turn to when I am feeling oh-so-vulnerable and drained.

It’s about who I’m (honestly) willing to spend precious free-time with.

(*FYI: Right now, in (keepin’ it) real time, I’m reflecting on the fact that many famous (creative) people are said to be introverts…and, curious to find out more, I Googled–and immediately came across…”16 Super Successful Introverts, The Huffington Post”*).

For instance, given that Christina Aguilera is an introvert, she provides an illustrative platform (shoes, huge hair, eye-catching outfits) from which to make my point…

Just as Christina’s vocal effusiveness is not a measure of her temperament–so, too, with my relational/people-person way of being…

Despite the layers of notes/trills that Christina adds to a word (her soul-sister trademark),  it doesn’t change the fact that a song is a song is a song…we don’t label it something else.

And, the fact that my soul calls for me to connect with others on such deep levels doesn’t change the fact that an introvert is an introvert is an introvert…

no matter how open…

no matter how well they connect with other people.

And, absent enough time to find a mental-balance during my waking hours,


in a nutshell,

is why I’m prone to waking up in the middle of the night with so much to think about.

However, given that I am becoming better at trusting the process of setting protective/personal boundaries,

I am increasingly comfortable with letting people know that,

once I get home from work,

I am in for the night…

and, my focus shifts to what I need to do to let go of that which doesn’t serve me…

This, while integrating the blessings, lessons, inspirations, and marvels that I’m privy to on an ongoing basis.

I get that not everyone is going to understand/accept the me that sometimes puts myself first,

but, my true friends will celebrate/respect my growth and needs…

Whew…that got a bit heavy there, didn’t it…it’s just that this all occurred to me, spontaneously…

This is what things looks like before coming to me decked in wordplay and pun format.

I hope that’s okay with you…it is with me…

being authentic is a risk I am willing to take…

Thank you for being here…

Tthank you for being a Fred…it means more than I can say; it really does!.

God bless you, Wonderfuls 🙂

P.S. Context for most of the wordplay and puns…and, I’ve bolded each one, so you can scan and find specific ones…rather than having to read the ones you caught 🙂

I’d love it if you’d let me know what you think 🙂

Thank You For Being A Friend” (1978), written/recorded by Andrew Gold, and re-recorded by Cynthia Fee–theme song for the 1985-1992 sitcom, “The Golden Girls”; ” The Twist” is Chubby Checker’s (1960) cover-song/hit; “…your heart fits me like a glove…” is a Madonna lyric (1986 hit, “True Blue”); “One love, one heart…let’s get together and feel all right” are lyrics from Bob Marley and the Wailers, One Love (1977)–and, Bob Marley’s dreadlocks are iconic; stages of grief is pun tied to psychology and theatre–“Good Grief” is a Charlie Brown lament; Popeye is an old-school cartoon/character, and “top of the morning” is a greeting/”good morning” equivalent; “Night time is the right time” is a lyric from Sheena Easton’s (1980) hit–“(My Baby Takes) The Morning Train”, (“He works from 9 To 5, and then he takes another home again…”); dread–locked is nod to Bob Marley’s dreadlocks–a wonderfully-twisted hairstyle; Night Court is a sitcom (1984-1992); “Ebony and Ivory” is a Paul McCartney/Stevie Wonder (1982) hit ; Jailhouse Rock, is an Elvis Presley (1957) hit song and movie; “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It” is a Will Smith ( 1998) hit–and, ” …just sit right there, and I’ll tell you how I became the Prince of …Bel-Air” is a line from the theme song for his sitcom “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” (1990-1996); “I coulda’ been a contender” is an iconic Marlon Brando line from multi-Oscar-winning (1954) movie, “On The Waterfront”–he was a boxer expected to take take a dive/throw a fight–making sucker(punch a pun); Marlon is also a kind of fish, and, let’s hear it for the koi (another type of fish) is a reference to “Let’s Hear It For The Boy” (Deniece William’s (1984) hit (featured on the “Footloose” soundtrack); and, “big fish in a small pond” is an old expression meaning being a big deal in a small context (eg. minimal competition, thus minimal prestige).



23 thoughts on “(Nov 19/16) “Thank You For Being A Fred…”

  1. I take it the post jangling above is Truly an indicator the flu has flown and there is now no need for Dr and The Medics to chant about Sprits in the Sky in the Dr Feelgood about yourself Depeche Mode type of way. The Cure seems to have appeared so all good again 😊

    That makes sense to me by the way, it’s All About Eve, which words can be omitted to make sense of the non-sensicals.

    I think insomnia creates sufficient brain Madness to invoke Strange Brews in word Kraftwork. As always you ability in this area is exemplary and definitely not going down a blind alley in Dire Straits.

    Excellent entertainment once again Truly 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Holy!!! Your comment, which must have only taken you a couple minutes, is so entertaining and full of cleverness!!!! 🙂 I got each and every reference and just loved it…and, thank you for your kind words…given your ability, sensitivity, and appreciation for good writing, I am humbled by your positive regard, my friend. I will be over to your neck of the woods after supper, or tomorrow at the latest (it is 4:30pm, and I’ve spent the overwhelming majority of the day writing this post (and, that was after I’d, preciously, jotted down a few starter thoughts). Thank you for being a friend 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ha, I thought you’d get it…sometimes words just flow, so when they do its best to keep going. Rolling Stones gather no moss and all that. My neck of the woods is barren recently, NaNo is taking up the limited Free time I have. I do look forward to your posts though 😊

        Liked by 1 person

      2. After NaNo is over I’m planning on catching up on fellow bloggers more. Some, like you, are impossible to totally shy away from though. And if it throws good feelings your way then so much the better 🙃

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Protective emotional boundaries refers to setting personal boundaries meant to shield me from taking in/on too much of other people’s stuff. You know how, you can want to do all you can to help someone, but how they say we need to take care of ourselves, first, before we can take care of/help others? Well, that’s where protective emotional boundaries come in….we have to be aware of our limitations. Does that help? If not, let me know and I will see if I can state it in a way that makes sense for you 🙂


  2. I’m highly sensitive and introverted too. People take it as “You hate people” but in fact, i do not hate people. I hate that if I’m around them too long, I become a zombie, but that’s not their fault. I have to set boundaries too. It’s a weird balance though. If I am away from people too much, I also get crabby. But if I’m around them too long, I need a 2 day nap. There is a delicate balance and I’m still learning how to work that one out.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. It is a tricky balance, isn’t it? And, it makes sense that you are drawn to people after a while…we are social creatures, and we thrive on interconnectedness…we need a sense of belonging…we need to love and be loved….thanks for sharing 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s awesome that you got most of the references…they are meant to trigger memories and warm, nostalgic feelings…this in addition to me sharing parts of myself with people kind enough to take the time to “hear me out”…thank you for you encouragement and appreciation 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s probably true…and, thank you so much for your kind assessment…you, too, have such warm heart, and we are all so lucky to benefit from your compassion and connection. 🙂


  3. Wow… I didn’t get all of the references but I go most… (jealous of some of your other followers). Thanks for offering us such a great read.. and making me think of Richard Moll… “Bull” from night court… always liked him and wondered why he didn’t have more rolls…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome…and, thank you 🙂 Wasn’t Bull great…one of the things I love about writing my posts is remembering and celebrating pop acts, sitcoms etc that bring back fond memories. I’m so glad you can relate…I find that delightful 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Soo..I thought of sucker fish when you were running with the fish wordplay but punch works much, much better.

    Another great post!

    I enjoyed the cultural references. I immediately started singing Golden Girls’ theme song then oddly moved to hip-hop…I couldn’t decide which one to belt out 🙂

    I never had insomnia, I just enjoyed being a late night owl. It was a two- edged sword though; creative nights made for rough-starting mornings. It has taken many, many years to flip my sleeping habits around.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sorry for the delayed response…and, thank you so much for your generous comments…I am really, really delighted to imagine you singing in response to my post….I hope to incite happiness and nostalgic warm feelings. As for being a night owl, I can appreciate the lure of the quiet, late hours that make way for creativity…but, I’m with you, the morning “hangover” is a real kick in the head 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I feel like I can resemble the traits of an introvert as I sit with my friends they will all be engaging in conversation where as I tend to just sit either listening or in my own world. But then I also have my outbursts where I just can’t stop talking.
    Anyways I always enjoy coming back to wordpress and reading your blog posts they are ever so inspiring and it reminds why I love blogging.
    I hope you had a great new year and have an amazing 2017.


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