(June 10/16) Why (all at once) I’m Giving You Less Of My Best…

This morning, I have half a mind to tell you the truth….and truth is, I’m half out of my mind …but, I am hoping you’ll agree that this is a fantastic thing.  🙂

You see, by virtue of our Oz-um connection,  I’ve been bestowed with a (self-congratulatory) honorary doctorate in Perplexitus Whimsi-Calculus….and, while I’m no mathematician, I can certainly put two and two together and realize that, if I’m a “doctor”, you are the loyal patience.  

Now, before you decide that delusions of grandeur have coincided with a decline in my posts, please hear me out…

Actually, that’s the very point I want to make, Gen-Generositors….

I so appreciate that–even when you get hung up on my words–you let me off the hook by re-reading them until you see their bananas a-peel.    Consequently, I’m going to make my posts at least half as long…and, perhaps share with you twice as often (bi-weekly) 🙂

I’ll elaborate tomorrow…but, just know that, getting less of my best is not the same as not getting my best….you always deserve that…and, that is what I mean to deliver…

Oh, it just hit me …if Doc Brown‘s calculations are correct, you will still be reading as much as you ever did–just in smaller, cumulative increments.

Well, gotta (Mc)Fly….time to get ready for work.

God bless you, and I hope you have the kind of day that will make for a great one (if not now, in the long run).

P.S. I’m guessing most of you will get the Doc and McFly pun, but in case you don’t, it’s a nod to 1985 movie, “Back To The Future” 🙂







14 thoughts on “(June 10/16) Why (all at once) I’m Giving You Less Of My Best…

    1. You are such a blessing…thank you for being in my corner…it really means so much 🙂 And, I loved discovering Norm Crosby…thanks for the introduction….he is fantastic…as are you…and, very much appreciated 🙂 And, for the first time in quite a while, I am having a truly relaxing weekend…I’m wishing you a wonderful weekend as well… 🙂


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