(Feb 29/16) “No Longer A (Julia) Child, I’m Cooking With Gags”

Well, hello, game changers! 🙂

If you’re a returning favorite (which, just by virtue of coming back, you are), thanks so much for this continuing connection.  I’m beyond thrilled that you’ve deemed me worthy of precious time and energy.

And, by way of thanks–and, as a nod to a favorite writer, Agatha Christie–I’d like to regale you with a brilliant and intriguing opening akin to a riddle wrapped in a mystery.

However (*Parry Mason) spoiler alert*), my abject appreciation is a double-edged sword that’s left my inside-voice tongue-tied-up-in-knots…

…and grasping at (an-illogical) straws…

Not that you’re contributing any intimidation, mind you…this is all me!

A triple-threat over-thinker,

my head is swimming,

my thoughts are racing,

and I’m spinning my (hamster) wheels…getting nowhere fast.


It’s just occurred to me that,

if I didn’t take myself so seriously,

I’d indulge in an amusing imagining whereby,

given a capacity for rumination so profoundly staggering that it defies human explanation,

I’d win the Triple Crown for Maraculous Contemplation  so often it’d become old hat!

(*On occasions such as these, my word-love  mitigates self-deprecations: Maraculous just occurred… a combo of marathon/miraculous*)

Anyway, truth is, I don’t always do well under pressure.

I especially can’t stand the test of time (crunch).

So, anxious to meet my weekly deadline (and having started this posting much later than planned), I fear I have no option but to reveal a less desirable facet of my introspection-process.

As such, I’m not confident that my writings/offerings will hold up.

You see,

although I believe it’s disingenuous to over-prepare for spontaneous sharing,

I do prefer to skim—no, delve—just below the surface of my musings at least three times before I dare open my mouth and let us know what I’m thinking.

And, prior to our last get-together, I took an extra day to give my contemplations a once (“twice”—“two out of three ain’t bad”) over; so, I felt pretty okay about spilling my inner workings.

(*Maybe even a bit—God forgive me—smug, given generous/glow-inducing feedback* 🙂 ).


this unsettlingly-open book test is a whole other story.

Absent enough time to study my notes-to-self,

I’m feeling cramped by a duo of paradoxical nerve-frazzlers—analysis paralysis and verbal diarrhea…

And, just like that,

those of you meeting me for the first time are up to speed–

catching me on a day when I am unquestionably undignified, and incapable of grasping a mitigating butter-finger fragment even if I were to trip over one!

(*Oh, what I wouldn’t give to fall flat on my face, just now…*)


for better or worse,

I made a commitment to show up—even when bringing up unprocessed thoughts feels like, oxymoronic, voluntary-involuntary purging…

Oh, but wait…a reflexive saving grace just occurred to me (thank you, Lord)!

I forgot to explain my, “once, twice”—“two-out-of-three ain’t bad” reference.

It’s a Lionel Ritchie/Meatloaf combo that’s given me a foothold for my (beanstalk) climb out of the gutter.

For, my nod to Lionel Ritchie makes me think of his infectious anthem, “Dancing On The Ceiling” (*which is optimistic solid gold*)…

and  the The Solid Gold Dancers memory makes me smile inside 🙂

And, given my temperament,

this little nudge is all I need to remember that my clouded thinking can be an opportunity to “dance in the rain”.

I choose to turn my, admitted, cha-cha-na (two-step-in-the-pooh step…dosey do’h!) song and dance routine around…and around, and around…like a twirling balleri…okay, I’ll quit while I’m ahead.

So, as I was saying…

Things are starting to “Look way up” (*Friendly Giant reference*);

and the peaceful feeling coming over me is like “Déjà vu all over again”.

Yep, that last dose of amusement did the trick (thanks for the fun, home-run pun, Yogi Berra)…

Default setting restored.

Yep, as shared in the past, “I get knocked down, but I get up again…”

Oh, and because there are times when my enthusiasm can steer me off course, there are occasions when I have to retrace some of my (dance) steps.

Back to reflexivity….

The artist, Meatloaf, made me think of food…

And food made me think of my kitchen…


although my kitchen and I are passing acquaintances who lazily/sporadically conspire to, “Really, let’s keep in touch…”–

a kitchen reference provides context for an illuminating closing metaphor.

Here Goes…

In the interest of sticking things out, there are going to be occasions when,

unable to stand the heat,

it won’t be in my best interest to leave the kitchen.


my next option will be to lower the temperature—thereby, prolonging the cooking process…


by the time you arrive,

my ideas are bound to be half baked (*today’s menu featured broiled soul, dump-lings, and humble pie drizzled with not-so-secret-sauce*);.

But the extra time needed will provide us with a unique bonding opportunity.

I say us, my friends because I imagine you’ve remained by my side…


I don’t feel alone anymore…

And I no longer hear the echoes of the early-morning recriminations that unceremoniously roused me from my sleep, and tried to convince me not to trust the connecting-process.

Thank you so very, very much for helping me rise to the challenge  🙂

P.S. Here’s a final lesson I hadn’t planned….

Although I posted well before midnight, the date showing is Feb. 29th…I’m glad I hadn’t know this would happen, because I might have given in to the temptation to take the extra day. 🙂

P.P.S.  In the event my word-play missed the target:

Perry Mason is a television/fictional lawyer who could unravel any mystery; and parry is a fencing (sword fighting) term…

(Once, Twice) “Three Times A Lady” is a Commodores’  (1978) hit, and “Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad”. is Meatloaf’s (1977) hit.



20 thoughts on “(Feb 29/16) “No Longer A (Julia) Child, I’m Cooking With Gags”

    1. Hi, Suze…this is such a blessing! I’ve been trying to contact/follow you and I am not sure if I’ve succeeded…I wanted to let you know that somehow I missed your comment (where you said my writing was “Jane Austen-esque”….when I clicked “like” I was referring to your site (I checked it out and loved it….so charming, excellent writing and content). Can you please let me know if you saw my comment from earlier today….I read several of your postings. And, thank you soooooo much for your feedback!!!!!!!!!!!!! Coming from you, it’s a real confidence booster 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. okay…I NEVER just go and follow willy-nilly…I am choosy and persnickety and snobbish……..so in the timeless words of my six year old grandson….”shup”……….lol

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Your comment completely caught me off guard…what an utterly wonderful thing to say! I saw it first thing in the morning, and you’ve made my day. I can’t wait to check out your blog (I will do so after work). Again, thank you for your generosity. 🙂


      1. Haha! I just said what was on my mind. I’m new to the blogging world and honestly I resisted for so long because I felt like the art of writing was getting lost and that anyone and everyone was starting a blog. I had no idea real writers WERE blogging and practicing the actual art of writing, until I saw yours.
        Anyways, I obviously got over that because my blog is just for fun! But, I am refreshed and inspired to start one for deeper topics after realizing what actually goes on in the blog world!
        This blog might be lonely for a while because I’m really hoping to bring together a group of women that probably aren’t going to be inclined to “hang out” but my husband is very busy now in his gaming community and involved in podcasts and streaming so I wanted to get involved.

        Liked by 2 people

  1. Funny thing is, I was clueless where blogs are concerned…I only started one because a friend suggested it (knowing how much I love to write). I am so glad I did. Aside from having a platform to share, there are so many interesting focuses/topics. Give it time and I bet you will find lots of people to connect with….your blog is intriguing, your writing is great, you are so much fun….and you sparkle!!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re sweet! It’s so fun already and us mommies that are so wrapped up in the “taking care of baby” life need fun things we can do at home that help us escape. I’m glad you have a friend that saw your talent and encouraged you to use it!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That is so kind of you to say, and I really, really appreciate it…I’ll definitely “follow” you…and, I post a new post once a week. I’ve written 5 posts so far…it’s great to know we can stay in touch 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Definitely! I feel overthinking is what makes us want to introspect and write. I’m a newbie myself and I try hard to continue this habit of writing. I still need to get a hang of it. Very glad to meet you and I look forward to more reading of your posts! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I think one of the amazing things about writing is that, for some, writing comes so naturally…given that many have been reading for years, it’s “on the job training” when you didn’t even realize you were applying for a job until you got the offer…in other words, I didn’t deliberately set out to become a writer with a certain style, it just happened….I think the same is true of you…you are a natural 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Exactly.. So true! I do read but cannot call myself a voracious reader. Nor did I have a style of writing in mind, but wanted a medium to let out my thoughts. Glad to know we took to writing for similar reasons! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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