(Oct. 13/18…explanatory photo included in post) “I’ll Be Back…It’s Just That I Have My Hands Full” :)

Hello, Wonderfuls!

I miss and think about you  often…

I’m evolving in ways that has me focusing on things other than writing/reading blog posts, but I wanted to be sure and share this particular joy with you.

This was the moment I first held Wheeler (2 weeks ago tomorrow).  I named Wheeler after “Honey Wheeler” (of “Trixie Belden Mysteries”…Honey was Trixie’s best friend–and this series of books was an adolescent favorite). He weighed about 5 pounds, was soooooo affectionate and we bonded instantly.  The love affair has only deepened…and, he keeps me hopping (and, sleep-deprived)!!!

Poor Jubilee (my sweet 14-year-old puppy) is not a fan…Wheeler’s exuberant/in-your-face playfulness intimidates her, but I’m sure once he stops trying so hard, she’ll warm up to him. 🙂

I hope to connect soon…in the meantime, Amazers…

I’m sending you positive vibes, wishing you extended moments of abject joy and endless love (in any of its countless forms).

God bless you and your loves 🙂




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8 thoughts on “(Oct. 13/18…explanatory photo included in post) “I’ll Be Back…It’s Just That I Have My Hands Full” :)

  1. I love seeing your picture, Truly!! What an adorable fur baby you have there. I’ve also been a bit dry with my writing well, lately. But it’s always there when I’m ready. Good luck with everything you are doing – you are living!

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  2. What a gorgeous picture, Truly (I can feel that wriggling body of love myself just looking at Wheeler!)! I am on an October pause myself and I’m only just beginning to get back into the WordPress world…your post is the first!


  3. Don’t know if you’re checking this. But I wanted to wish you a very Merry Christmas, Truly! Hope the New Year will allow you enough time to resume blogging. You’re puns are much missed! 🙂


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